Cheesy Chicken Royale

The very kind people at Burger King sent me four meals of their new product, the Cheesy Chicken Royal which will be launched today 😉

Four meals… as in four full meals with coke and fries

As explained in their email:

Cheesy Chicken Royale, crunchy chicken filled with delicious melted cheese
تشيزي تشكن رويال – ساندويش دجاج مقرمش محشو بقطع من الجبن الذائب اللذيذ

It has the same build of Chicken Royale sandwich with a major difference being the patty is made of a mixture of Chicken, shredded mozzarella and mature cheddar supported with natural cheese flavor in order to convey a well balanced chicken-cheese taste

My sisters and a friend of ours tried it earlier yesterday and had mixed feelings! I personally liked it! I was hesitant! I thought it would be too cheesy but it was just right! I do crave breaded chicken burgers  every now and then and this one will be on the list 😉

Thank you Burger King 😉

One response to “Cheesy Chicken Royale

  1. بالعافيه

    بجربها قريب .. انا طايحله هل يومين قراند شكن من ماكدونالد

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