As I was walking to my car in a parking lot I saw this…

Seems like that person bought a fancy perfume from Tanagra, opened it up… sprayed some expensive perfume all over him/herself… and did a cheap trashy act of leaving the bag behind like this! I moved it myself!

All I was thinking is that this person now might be wearing an expensive perfume, but they still reek!!

Oh and it reminded me of @AbdullahBoftain Tweet yesterday:

من الكويتيين كثير ممن ينتقد البلدية وبالمقابل لا يتردد بالقاء الأوساخ في الشوارع وفي الصحراء والبحر – د. أحمد الربعي

2 responses to “No-No!

  1. Just goes to show, money can’t buy class.

  2. هذا يدل على مستوى نظافة الشخص، واحترامه لذاته والآخرين ولوطنه:(

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