Greetings a la Shitsawii Style!

Okay you guys! This is HILARIOUS!!! Its a lotta “shloning?”


Also check their newly launched website araBomber (link)

He’s officially my favorite Vlogger 😀

16 responses to “Greetings a la Shitsawii Style!

  1. Yoshi’s Story background music FTW!

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  3. Still ijustine is my fav youtuber, then ctfxc …;)

  4. why is he talking like Earl from the tv show My Name is Earl? :s

  5. well if he is your favourite blogger, then you obviously havnt seen khalid lol

  6. He’s my favourite too ..
    he funny AND HE SPEAKS LIKE A MAN .. unlike those other kuwaiti guys who talk like they’re sitting in a nail spa

  7. he is hot!!i am seriously crushing on him

  8. Lool he’s really funny ;p !!

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