Interview W/ Shitsawii – Vlogging Arab

I am sure the majority of you have seen the videos of “Shitsawii” already – Plus, I have posted about him a couple of weeks back (link). The guy is funny in his own way… he’s charismatic and grabbed the attention of many in such a short time. He can easily make me laugh without trying too hard! I immediately subscribed to his YouTube channel after watching a couple of videos… I wanted to know more, and wanted to share it with you on my blog… so here goes my interview with Shitsawii 😉

Tell me about yourself! What do you do? What are you really doing in Miami? Living? Studying? Having a “free” year before you start work? Whats up with that?

Just a regular guy finishing up my last year of studies in the States. Looking to get a decent education and boogie on down back to Kuwait. Oh! And maybe make a change in this world somehow? 😛

If you had to describe yourself in ONE word, what would it be… and why?

This one is a toughie! I would say “Understanding” because I think the whole process of living away from home.  Forces you to break out of this self-made ‘bubble’ Kuwait has created.

Instead of taking offense to everything, why not just listen?

I think making the effort to understand someone is so essential.    Our culture seems to block out anything that is not considered “normal” according to society.  Which is truly a shame.

Doesn’t matter how smart you are, or how much you know.  There is always something out there you are bound to learn.

What got you into YouTube! I know you said it was for giving a better image to Arab peeps, and for your lil bro.. but how did it happen! How the idea was born?

The idea gave birth already, I just stole the kid and made it my own. (Ok.. makes no sense.) lol.

Everything happens for a reason.  And whatever, I’ve been through in life has led me to doing it.  I’ve always wanted to make movies or be a director.  But people laughed at me.

Despite the negativity, One day just ended up trying something, and seemed to work out nicely! 🙂

What makes you different than other vloggers? (yes you are different) – you gained popularity so fast… why is that? Whats your secret? Besides you being a “cutie pie”

Why so popular so fast?   The girls…  They seemed to have contributed the most to the popularity.  Word on the street is I’ve become the next Muhanad? But Kuwaiti version?  Don’t ask…


Maybe people just like me as a person?

I might be stepping out of the box when it comes to comedy, which people find intriguing.

Why did you pick the sarcastic/comedic take?

Full credit to my Uncle, this guy is one of the funniest people I know but his use of sarcasm is like an artist painting his masterpiece.  Pure skill.

As a kid we hung out in their house almost everyday.  So may have picked up on it and stuck with me every since.  By far, the coolest uncle EVER!

Why sarcasm you ask?  Because people never know what your thinking.  Just go with the routine smile and nod.  Keeps you out of trouble. 😛

Do you have a twitter account?

I do BUT!  My cousin kind of runs it, since I got 100 things going on at once.  So just a heads up, its @VlogginArab

How are you liking the response to your videos?

Its Awesome, when you get people saying things like “OMG, you are amazing!!!”

Then it sucks, when people post negative comments and place immediate judgment without even trying to understand my point of view.

Just like anyone in the public eye.  You get haters and you get fans, just part of the cycle.

To be honest, not used to people “not liking me” in general.  But there’s always a first.  In my case more than a first. Lol.

Any surprises you wanna share with my blog readers?

Surprises?  I like soft things.

Not yet really, I just hope I’ll be around long enough to be able to make some sort of positive change back home.  That would be the ultimate achievement.

Oh! I just wanted to say what you got going here is pretty cool.  Been going through your blog.  You just got yourself a new fan.

So Kudos to you and the readers for bringing us all together.


This ‘Aww’ moment is brought to you by Pampers.  “Nothing cuter than a kid walking half naked.”


YouTube Channel (link)

Twitter (link)

Website (link)

For more on Vloggers, check out P0ach (link)

25 responses to “Interview W/ Shitsawii – Vlogging Arab

  1. I never heard of him but he sounds like a nice guy! I’ll make sure to check his vloggins out 🙂

    Thank you Asnam! great interview!

  2. Awwwww he’s sooo cool ! I’ve been watchin his youtube vlogs and he’s AWESOME ! thanks for interviewing him Ansam 😉

    And very true he gained popularity so fast, I heard of him from my Omani friends, mashallah 3alaih he made a good impression so fast and his vlogs are funny to an extent they make u searchhh for more and can’t get enough of him
    thnx again for the great interview

    • My pleasure 😉 Glad you enjoyed it! Mashallah 3alaih Allah yewafgah! He is easy going and was very easy to deal with when I asked him for the interview

  3. Oh thank you ansaam… thank you thank you! Khooooosh interview and I love this guy 7adda funnnnnny. I wish him all the best and thanks again for doing this interview 😀

  4. He is am amazing guy.. Thanks for the interview.. My friend.. U r realy special.. Keep it up

  5. I liked the “Understanding part” =D
    guys in Kuwait don’t listen carefully they talk more than understanding.
    VA I feel that u have a great personality God bless you and wish all the best of luck in the future !! want to see more from you. TV , Radios , every where !! lol you have a great sence of humor that makes me laugh XD man u are awsome !!!!!

    • Me too! I wish him the best and would also love to see more of him. Ideally, I wanted him to answer the interview by a video on his channel…. but maybe for next time hehehe

  6. 3ad ana sij ma shift wa7ed dama athgal min halisbay….yahel ou maleeq …bas ilghraeeba ina kilman 3ajba…ithaher ithoq wayed in7adar wiljeel kila dama thigeel

  7. he wroks! love him

  8. He rocks! love him!

  9. He is so talent 😉
    May God Bless him.
    Keep up with the good work 🙂
    Regrads from Brazil!

  10. @Gifisy -.- yeah obviously ithoug wawyed in7adar
    Y3ni keif il jeil il 7ali y3bd LadyGaGa is good enough to prove keif il thoug in7adar
    Bs b9ara7a shitsawii y36eeni Amal inu il 3alam lisa b5eer w 2nu is not completely destroyed
    And there still are people who are willing to change their selves to change the world to a better place
    ’cause this world needs some serious change
    I jus had to reply to you
    And defend my dear friend *shitsawii* -though he dsnt kno me (a)-
    Shitsawii plz rock on 🙂

  11. Nd yeah, thnx ansam for za lovely interbiew (a)

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  13. OMGGGG!!! thx so much for the intervieww …. wish him wa mashaalla alaikkk his videos are gr88 =]

  14. OMGGGG!!! thx so much for the intervieww …. mashaalla alaikkk his videos are gr88 =] wish him luck!!

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