Taiwan man dies after watching ‘Avatar’

TAIPEI (AFP) – A 42-year-old Taiwanese man with a history of high blood pressure has died of a stroke likely triggered by over-excitement from watching the blockbuster “Avatar” in 3D, a doctor said Tuesday.

The man, identified only by his surname Kuo, started to feel unwell during the screening earlier this month in the northern city of Hsinchu and was taken to hospital.

Kuo, who suffered from hypertension, was unconscious when he arrived at the Nan Men General Hospital and a scan showed that his brain was haemorrhaging, emergency room doctor Peng Chin-chih said.

“It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms,” he told AFP.


10 responses to “Taiwan man dies after watching ‘Avatar’

  1. Well i dont like watching movies with glasses

  2. Although this is serious news I must say that he would not have died if he watched the movie in Kuwait… they censored all the exciting parts 😀


  3. Guess he died a virgin

  4. LOL @ Mathai

    I guess I’m the only one who didn’t watch it yet.
    I’m not gonna watch it.. akhaf ye6la3 nafs The Dark Knight, which I found over-rated.

    Madry entay eshrayech bil filim??

  5. mathai: lol! that is why i never thought of going to see it. Brothers bloom also is badly butchered.

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