Cafe Medicis

During our walk around in Day III, and right next to Jardin du Luxembourg and Musee Du Luxembourg, we came across Cafe Medicis!

It was the perfect relaxing place after our walk! The staff were super friendly, they were joking around with guests… one of them actually jumped in with us while we were trying to take a picture, and then offered to take one of all of us together! The atmosphere is so cozy! I will try my best with picture to give you a feel of the place! Its really nice! For example, you would see people coming out from the museum to enjoy a cup of coffee, or people playing chess… or just reading randomly! Besides… Christmas decorations were still all over the place!

Now the museum next door features temporary exhibitions according to a program dictated by the French Ministry of Culture, and posters of which are used as decoration on the walls

We were there just to relax after a long day and before dinner so we ordered cafe au lait, lemon juice, and of course diablo fraise!

Keep in mind that most restaurants serve their lemon and orange juice with added water and sugar. And about that diablo fraise, it is basically carbonated water with added strawberry syrup.

My friend also ordered tarte tatin, which is an upside down apple tart! We all had a bite… or two, from her 😛

Our bill came to a total of around EUR30.

Cafe Medicis is located on 19, rue de Vaugirard 75006 PARIS – and their tel # is 01 42 34 37 99

10 responses to “Cafe Medicis

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  3. 3lekum bel 3afya 🙂

  4. aawaaahhh!! the christmas tree..i miss christmas 😦 The cafe looks really nice!!

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