Earlier today at work, as I was checking blogs here and there, I saw Up Till One burger post! I knew right then that I wanted to have burger for lunch…. So as I was driving back home I kinda automatically drove to Al Nuzha’s WIMPY!


18 responses to “WIMPY

  1. Their menu is here 😉

    They only deliver to certain areas though.

  2. Yea I love it too!! Goood stuuf =)

  3. For some reason, Fatburger reminded me of Cheeburger Cheeburger :O

  4. WIMPY??? mn wain 6al3a entay?? 🙂
    bl 3afya yuba, and now you just inspired me where to have dinner tomorrow 🙂

  5. Nuzha is were our Dewan HQ 😉
    why didn’t u go to Slider or the burguer hub much better

  6. Ansam I didn’t like it… not as it used to taste when I was younger…. not like the original. The meet patties taste like the frozen ones you get at the supermarket, and they are too greasy 😦

  7. never tried wimpy …and this is really stupid but where is Al Nuzha?

  8. Wimpy wo bas!

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