Peach Fuzz… A New Trend?

I have seen some bloggers posting pictures of famous celebrities with new hair style… or hair”less” styles!! Shaving the sides, undersides, whole head! I mean I spent almost KD35 on shampoo and hair products yesterday at the Avenues! So whats the deal really? Those celebrities are defining a new “less is more” when it comes to hair! Just when I started growing my hair longer… last year my hair was short bob… and I decided to give that classic hairstyle an edge, having the left side cut shorter than the right…. and even then some people thought it was kinda daring!

So lets see some pictures now! Shall we?!

Here is Solange Knowles

Solange Knowels

And Rihanna…. who’s hairstyle is always changing! Do you think she rocks this new look!?


And what about Cassie… who shaved her right side off??


And Amber Rose…. not only she shaved it off… but its also GREEN!

Amber Rose

And what do you think of other celebrities who did it in the past???

Like Demi Moore

Demi Moore

Ohhhhh what about Natalie Portman???

Natalie Portman

AND…. as my own personal opinion, I give the “NO-NO” award to…..

Britney Spears

Do you think we are to see girls sporting this new hairstyle in Kuwait soon? Oh I think we will 😉

25 responses to “Peach Fuzz… A New Trend?

  1. wee3 :\
    what would anyone see in this no-hair style? ;p

  2. no Sinead ? she started all of this.

  3. yuck!

  4. Pixie cut is cute but not more than that! I believe half the woman’s beauty is in her hair. Like you I spent a fortune this month on my hair, products, pills and dermetoligist visits 😦

  5. oohh laa inshalah it dosnt start in kuwait or in the gulf ! e5r3! hehe

  6. damn natalie is just as cute even w.o the hair ! BLEKH 😛

    got to respect a women that still manages to pull it off even without her hair !!! double BLEKH :/

  7. Some of them can really pull it off. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this trend locally though…but you never know with our lovely young ladies…

    If I were a bit more daring…and if my parents would let me I’d love to try. But alas…

  8. Natalie Portman is so cute, with or without hair .. If I did it I would like an alien :p

  9. i would never shave my head or any part of it lo shino for personal style… but i think that Demi Moore photo dates back to the JI Jane movie era … o she is a living proof that a beautiful woman is striking with hair or without!

    Same thing i guess for natalie portman

    Ama the others fa being african americans they can get away with such hair dos because of the nature of their hair… take alek wek the model… she looks amazing o has no hair! I think african woman look better without the hair but again thats my personal opinion…

    What i would do however is dye my hair hippie pink or green or electric blue… if only my parents and husband would let me… i know it would look yum!

  10. I did it myself and it looked great… although it was quite cold for the winter! 🙂

    Now it’s growing and getting more like Mia Farrow at Rosemary’s Baby, not bad either! 😛

  11. What in the world is wrong with these people espesially Solange. She could have done something betta with her hair than that. Cuz it look a HOT-MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The 21st century, where the men start to look like women and the women begin to look like men.

    All these celebs trying to pull off the Ripley look from Aliens 3… there’s only one sigourney weaver in the world (the first female action-hero on film).

  13. I loved it in Natalie, but Natalie did because she was playing a role in V for vendetta, but I love every single hairstyle on her.
    but for me, I go for the shorter the better. I haven’t had my hair long for like 6 years. and very FEW girls have this shaved head hairstyle in Riyadh-KSA where I live, yin3adon 3al a9abi3, and I’m totally not against it I might do it sometime soon, since my hair is actually 3 numbers away from being fully shaved. :p

    • My hair was almost always in short bob for quite some years… the last couple of years I have been growing it long, and when someone goes WOW your hair got long.. I know I havent seen them for quite some time hahaha

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