Pregnancy Clothing!

I have seen many female family members/friends and how they dress up while pregnant! Some would gracefully show their baby bump, others will wear loose clothes to hide it. Some shop in the pregnancy clothing sections at the malls, others will refuse to go to those isles…

But Halima… I have nothing to say about her style/taste since I never liked it before she got pregnant, but this is just too much for my taste – I am disturbed! Honestly – Skinny jeans was not made for this type of bodies.. too much makeup on (not that this is unusual for her) – let alone her whole sense of fashion! Her taste is dropping SO FAST 😦

Beside all that… I wish she delivers a healthy baby and take good care of it him/her.


Frankom also posted about it (link)

9 responses to “Pregnancy Clothing!

  1. Reminds me of Badger Badger Badger Badger, MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

  2. مكان ايدها غلط!!!!

  3. glna 7aml bss mo chthi ynfrshon oo ham mtra9r9a !

  4. and whyyyyy is she wearing that manly hat ?
    when will she ever learn ??

  5. embayen sha3arha emdahin…
    I’ve never liked her to be honest. Hiligiya…

  6. i think she gain weight (over weight to be accurate ) cuz yomkin kant t3alig for pregnancy ! she is wearing her ugly hat maybe cuz shes afraid mo zain 3ala il7amil

    o fe bnat egoln feha twins thats why she gained that weight !

    alah yahdeha fashion disaster 😛

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