The very kind and nice people at Tmreya sent me a box of 8 of their flavors accompanied with two dipping sauces. I told them I have tried it and posted about it some time ago (click here), they still wanted to send me a box again, I accepted… of course!

Now they have so many different flavors, I liked the traditional ones the most… but different choices/options are the to satisfy different tastes.

The minute the box was opened, everyone grabbed a piece of Tmreya! I tried it with my family and friends… all, with no exceptions, loved it, even my 8-year old nephew… He actually took what remained back him with him to have it for breakfast!

I liked the one with cinnamon and digestive biscuits the most! Really rich in taste and elegant to present with Arabic coffee.

They sell them in boxes, like the one I have here, or in multi designed dishes and trays when you go to their branches. The price per kilo is KD8

Tmreya is located in both; Khaldiya and Qadsiya Coops and their telephone numbers are 2492-6422/2253-1929

You can also join their Facebook Group by clicking here!

Thanks Abdullah 😉

6 responses to “Tmreya

  1. 7adda 3ajeeb mashalah 3alayhom 😉

  2. Tmreya 3ajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeb! ma kent adry ina fi fi alkhaldia!!

  3. I’m borrowing the contact details from you 🙂

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