No-No to reading newspapers while driving… even if there is traffic and you are moving really slow!

Thanks Nazo 😉

24 responses to “No-No

  1. What? Is he reading the sports page? He can’t wait to reach his office to read that?

  2. Glad that someone caught him! I’m not sure if he was the same guy I spotted last week between Faiha and Keifan heading toward Kuwait city. That guy was actually speeding on the left lane while reading and amazingly flipping the paper … I wonder what the violation would be! I guess the amount of reading 100 messages 😛

  3. Is he driving? or stuck in traffic? suggestion: either way, he can hear the news on the radio!

  4. bil3ax! good idea if ur stuck in traffic for an hour!

    btw 2 years ago it used to take me 45 minutes to reach khaldiya from salwa for my 8 a.m classes.. i wonder how bad it is now !

    • Akeed its worse. And I dont think its a good idea. What if he was reading and someone honks outta nowhere and he think they want him to drive… so he drives automatically without looking! *I’ve seen it before*

  5. actully what about bbming or txting or wt ever.. its all the same thing..

    this is a 3di thing.. i sometimes continue reading my novels in traffic, as long as ur having an eye on the road.. its all good..

  6. It takes me 10-15 minutes to read my daily (Al Qabas)… Try missing out all the rubbish and adverts (and this goes for all Kuwait’s papers) and this is all you’re left with.

    Read it like normal people! Before you leave with your breakfast – or if you work for a ministry, when you reach work 🙂

  7. News on the go… literally.
    More of that and he might become a news article.

  8. sport page… maybe he is an avid golf freak and is catching up the latest on Tiger’s extra-curricular golfing !

  9. Also, a big la la to taking phone calls, SMS-ing, shaving or lighting up or getting naughty with the girl friend while driving, or waiting for the lights to change.

  10. i have seen a man driving a car at NITE and reading newspaper in the lite of car cabin lamp on gulfroad , he was the only one driving and reading newspaper and i believe having one set of eyes only.

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