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A Day With Ne-Yo By Wataniya Telecom

Yesterday was an eventful day! I woke up around 7:00AM and was running around from 8:30AM finishing up errands! Mainly picking up my pass for the “Day with Ne-Yo’ From Wataniya Telecom & Zenith Media 😀 THANK YOU GUYS! As … Continue reading

2010 Wrap-up ;-)

2010 passed by SO FAST *turbo-like*, well… except for the last couple of weeks which seemed a bit slower, but nevertheless it was on speedy year! Did a lot and as a new way to tell you all Happy New … Continue reading

Portobello Road Market

On a Saturday Morning, Luluscious and I decided to go to Portobello Road Market… and maybe grab a quick bite there 😉 A really lively street in Notting Hill on Saturdays… where you can find lots of vendor booths set … Continue reading

Ryoog – Second Visit

I have decided to give Ryoog a break before I try it again (click here to check my first review). So a couple of months back (I KNOW – it took me a while to post this one), I went … Continue reading

CHISOU – By Lu’luscious

Walking past Regent St and into Princes St, I was spying on the plates of people sitting outside restaurants. What caught my eye was a tiny place that served Sushi, it looked good and fresh, so I decided to meet … Continue reading

The Movie Game

One of the board games we enjoy playing with the kids at home is the Blockbuster Movie Game. Its a one minute movie recall game. You basically prepare your favorite DVDs of different movies. Then when its your turn, you … Continue reading


For some reason, I think the comments written on this sign at one of the WC in Brussels is funny… For one, where it says “Call our friendly support staff” in French… specifically “friendly” (aimable in French), someone had left … Continue reading