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World Cup Competition at Work

I started the prediction game at work for fun, but it turned out to be so much fun -I even included a slide about it on one of my presentation to the team, yeah me being silly/funny- Oh well… anyways, the boss -Hazem- won the competition! He was in first place with 50 points! Talk about Paul the octopus, huh!! I was in second place along with two other coworkers – a tie – with each one of us earning 39 points… Way behind Hazem! Nevertheless, it was SO MUCH FUNN 🙂 I decided to get cupcakes for the team from Juju’s and it was a BIG hit 😉

To order, call their Fanar branch at 25722999 😉

Casa Spa @ Wataniya Telecom

A couple of weeks back, Casa Spa were at Wataniya Telecom Tower pampering the lady-employees there with their services. I got the chance to snap a few pictures for you to see. They basically turned one of the room into a spa

The owner of Casa Spa was also Continue reading

Lunch at Chocolate & Macaroon

I had some errands to run at Arraya, so I took my lunch break there and met my sister for lunch at Chocolate & Macaroon! The place was half full, all by -what it looked like- people taking lunch breaks from near by buildings!

We placed our orders and noticed that they have a sign advertising their brunch menu on weekends! I didnt know about it! Gotta try it one day… no?

Shortly after, our food arrived. Bambina burgers (cheese burgers) for appetizers, Mushroom Risotto for me, and Three Pastas for my sister!

Those are really really tiny!!!!

You can have it in one single bite, and one is not enough hahaha! Anywho…. this is my Mushroom Risotto

Very subtle taste/flavor with real fresh mushrooms that kept their shape well if you know what I mean! It wasnt too mushy either, the balance of “liquid-y rice” was right! Worth trying 😉

My sister enjoyed her meal as well, since she cant tolerate cheese very well, she wished it was in lesser amounts! She offered me some, but I was so full and so into my risotto and missed on that!

One is penne in creamy mushroom sauce, the other is spaghetti in pink sauce, and the last one is Penne All’arrabbiata!

Price tag? I wouldnt really know cuz my sister paid 😉

Side Note: Do you know what All’arrabbiata means? It means “angry style” which is contributed to the spiciness of the sauce used 😉

Safety at Work

My friend, Samar AlBader, posted this pic few days back, and it made me think….

How serious do we take such risks or safety arising of work activities we do!?

So if one of those cleaners fall, he takes the other with him? This is so sad 😦

On another note, check out her Flickr for more pictures (Link)

Black Board Wall

I passed by one of the departments at work and found a black board paint on one wall… it was full of “art work”!

I want a wall like that 😛 Fun!!

Frosting Asooma!

My coworkers played a BIG prank on Asooma at work! She was really upset… (long story… and no, I am not going into details :-P) They felt really bad for what they did and got her a giant cookie, which she gave me a piece of, YUMMM!

Not only I got a bite of this cookie, but also a red velvet cupcake all of which from Frost 😉 Its fluffy and light… as a feather 😉

So I was like “You guys should do this more often! Tease her and then get us some yummies” – Silly me!

Asooma, you rock 😉

The Ugly Truth II

Since some of you did not see the first ugly truth as relevant, I have another one for you:

Thanks Daddyz Girl 😉

The Ugly Truth


My interns… my sweet sweet interns moved to another dept for training last Monday. Too bad I was not feeling well and did not go to work that day. They passed by Tuesday just to say “hello” and “bye”…. and the day after they came in with this…

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They’re Spoiling Me!

Not only the interns have been great in helping me at work and wanting to learn as much as they can… but also spoiling me! They came to work yesterday with a blueberry muffin for me 😀

Blueberry Muffin

I am gonna miss them!