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Street Vendors in Syria

I have noticed the many many kinds of street vendors in Syria… mainly selling different food items! They sell so many things from popcorn, corn, chestnuts, bread, juices, CDs/DVDs, toys, souvenirs… you name it!

I have snapped a few here and there… and will update this post if I find more in my files (or my sisters’)

Can you guess what kind of vendor this is? What is he selling?

He is selling Continue reading

Car Seat Hangers

After I posted a picture of my friend’s car seat hanger asking if anyone knew where to get them from in Kuwait… I got so many answers via facebook, twitter, and blog comments. Interestingly, no one mentioned ACE Hardware… I went to A to Z, True Value, IKEA… but couldnt find it then I thought to myself “why not try ACE”!! I am glad I did! I found’em in two styles

First one is made of plastic and comes in different colors.. it works only on detachable headrests

The other one is metal and its more flexible – detachable headrests are not a must here 😛

Price tag (for both)? KD3.250

I got so many of them for myself, my parents, my sisters, my cousin, and friend…

Very useful in winters with our jackets and also good for lawyers and doctors with their work coats 😉