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Sunan AlRawatib

The prophet peace be upon him once said:  “A house will be built in Heaven for whoever is diligent in observing 12 Sunnah Rak’aat prayers for Allah”

Those prayers are called Sunan AlRawatib.

How is it performed?

Two before Fajr prayers

Four before Duhur prayers and two after it

Two after Maghrib prayers

Two after Isha prayers


ماهي السنن الرواتب؟

إن من حكمة الله سبحانه وتعالى ورحمته بعباده أن شرع لهم التطوع، وجعل لكل عبادة واجبة تطوعاً من جنسها، ليكون جبراً لما قد يقع في الفرائض من نقص

حديث أم حبيبة رضي الله عنها قالت: “سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: «من صلى اثنتي عشرة ركعة في يوم وليلة، بني له بهن بيت في الجنة».


صلاة الفجر : قبلها ركعتان

(( في فضل سنة الفجر : ورد في فضل راتبة الفجر حديث عائشة رضي الله عنها عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: قال: «ركعتا الفجر خير من الدنيا وما فيها».

صلاة الظهر :  قبلها أربع ركعات وبعدها ركعتان

صلاة المغرب :بعدها ركعتان

صلاة العشاء : بعدها ركعتان

ولأهمية هذه العبادة، وتكررها بتكرر الصلوات المفروضة

Thanks Tasneem K.M. 😉

Open a Banana… LIKE A MONKEY!


Thank You Confashions!

This isn’t the first time I get a fashion tip from Confashions from Kuwait, I dont remember all of the times I checked her blog for something and rushed to the mall to get whatever items she posted about, but she recently posted about a ruffled cardigan that was available in H&M and I too, like her, snatched one of their racks for myself 😉

Another dress that I remember seeing on her blog and buying was this Malene Birger dress *in blue color*

And I still wear it after more than two years since I bought it – cuz I LOVE IT! (link).

Thank you Confashions – Keep’em coming!


Looks like Confashions also got a tip from me! Hahaha gotta love the bloggersphere 😉

I received an SMS about this website called Fendaq.

Now I usually ignore such messages, but I was curious to check this one out…. and might as well check it out 😉

Its actually not bad!

You can also search by country/city name, price, stars… etc!


In Hospital Designing

In designing hospital (interiors) many measures should be taken into consideration before trying to make it look like a five star hotel or a huge spa! Of course I dont mind the luxurious looks and spa-like atmosphere… I do LOVE that, but here are few things I want to share with you about hospital interiors and measures!

Hospital Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring are press molded and calendared. They’re cigarette burn resistant (and fire retardant). They can take heavy mobile loads (on wheels). It resist chemicals and have long life wear ability and stability in most temperature, not to mention their self-healing capacity (you can hardly see scratches on’em). They got sound absorption, so foot fall (specially when in Kuwait we have ladies going to receptions in their high heels) is remarkably absorbed… oh and that comes in with high walking comfort.

Wall Paneling/Buffer Rails

Wall paneling work as sanitary wall surfaces. They use lacquered or painted wood. Buffer rails prevent damage and save on costly repairs and remodeling. Think of wheelchairs, moving beds, trolleys. They would hit the rails and not the wall itself, and the repair needed -if any- will be on the rails and not the whole wall!

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

According to a study, 80% of infections are spread by hands. Having those dispensers not only doctors and nurses benefit from it, but also patients themselves and visitors all benefit alike from its use. They fight germs and help prevent spreading it (keep in mind that it is best to wash your hands using water and soap).

These are few of the many things to be taken into consideration before designing a hospital (interiors).

The ShortCut

The Short Cut is finally here! They’ve done the homework and came up with a present for you!

The complete guide for businesses in Kuwait… Arts, Beauty, Fashion, Food… you name it 😉 Its all in one book!


The directory will be available for free in different outlets such as GUST, Coffee Republic, and Caribou

Or you can check it online here!

Join The Shortcut Facebook Group –Link

Respecting Brands!

Few weeks back I went to the Avenues with my friend Shushu and her sister. My friend felt like having Starbucks. The minute we walked in Crimson Garden, the Persian restaurant, she asked them if they wanted to have her papercup covered since it was clearly branded with Starbucks logo! Totally polite move Shushu 😉 Also reminded me of this!

To Respect 😉

Cash Machine Scam


Coffee On The Wall

My sister sent me this by email, but I am not sure of its accuracy!?

The story is about a coffee shop in Venice, where a tourist was observing people coming in and ordering coffee for themselves and one extra cup of coffee “on the wall”!

The waiter would bring in the coffee for them, and once they leave they pay for their coffee + the extra coffee “on the wall”, the waiter sticks a paper on the wall that reads “One Cup of Coffee”.

The wall had few papers on it that reads “One Cup of Coffee” on each, whenever a poor, homeless, or in need person comes in and order a free coffee that he cannot pay for and after being able to see all those free cup of coffee notes, the waiter would bring in the coffee and then take one of those notes out!

Meaning: People are paying those extra coffees “on the wall” for them! How thoughtful is that? To offer to pay for a cup of coffee for someone you dont know.. someone in need!

Recommended – Oily Roots

Oily Roots LS

R U Taking Protection? From Oily Roots is one of Lee Stafford amazing products! I have straight oily hair that I have to wash daily! I was telling my sweet friend about me needing to wash my hair daily, and she highly recommended this product, available at Boots. I looked for it everywhere, in every Boots branch I pass by, but they are always out of it for some reason… so my other sweet friend told me shes got one but never really liked it and gave it to me! I SAY THANKS! ITS MAGICAL!

Few days back, I over slept! I woke up to realize I wont have time to wash my hair before going to work. I took that can in hand and was like “What the hey! Lets give it a shot right now!!”

It is basically a pressured corn starch that you spray on your roots from an arms length, then work it through till it soak up the oil!

If any of you happen to see it at any Boots’ branch PLEASE DO TELL ME!

Thanks ShuShu and Shayma 😉 You are both awesome xoxo