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Slim Down For Summer

I was reading this article on Yahoo Health yesterday and thought of sharing it with you all

With SELF’s fun and easy Drop 10 exercise plan, you can tone up all over in just five weeks! The simple slimming formula: cardio quickie workouts that take just 14 minutes, 6 simple toning moves and a sneaky strategy for plowing through them fast.

Why it works:

The moves use a Jedi mind trick to make them more manageable. You’ll do 8 reps of a move, rest for 10 seconds, then do 7 reps, rest for 10, and so on, until you’re left with one measly rep. Couple that with the fat-melting magic of Tabata cardio intervals (Tabata simply means 20-second bursts with 10-second rests, repeated 8 times) and you’ll firm fast!

What you’ll need:

A stability ball and a set of medium-weight dumbbells. That’s it!
What to do: Complete the Drop 10 toning moves below 3 times per week, counting down sets from 8 reps to 1 rep with rests in between.

Works biceps, butt, thighs
Stand with a stability ball pressed between your lower back and Continue reading

Lofat Tweets!

@LofatGroup is now active 😉 They are giving daily health tips on both their Twitter and Facebook pages using Arabic & English

They are also asking questions on Twitter and collecting points for their followers for weekly competitions! Nice 😉 The questions asked are general health questions as well as info hunting of their items from their menu…

Or simple as taking a picture of whats in front of you! Fun 😉

Don’t miss it 😉

For more, follow them on twitter @LofatGroup or LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Beauty: Tips, Offers, Finds & Beyond!

Nail It

As usual… Nail It comes with a new special treatment of the month, and for April they have GOLD 😉 As described on their Facebook: “New excellent 24K pure Gold that provides your skin with the ultimate treatment! Specially designed to penetrate the deep layers of tough skin”

  • Website (link)
  • Facebook (link)
  • Twitter: @nailitspa
  • Tel: 22658869
  • email:

Gloss Salon

I got the following email from Gloss Salon

Following on the success of her previous two visits, guess who is coming back to K-town pretty soon?? Narybu from Spain!! For those of you who don’t know her, Narybu is a famous salon owner and stylist in Spain. Her salon is one of the best salons in Spain, and she has 3 different branches in the Spanish territories including Marbella, Malaga, and Las Palma. Narybu is well known for her professionalism and creativity and for using the best products in the industry. She’s expert in both Japanese thermal straightening technology “YOKO” and the improved Keratin Complex smoothing therapy; which is totally odorless, environmentally friendly, and absolutely great for your hair!! To help you look fabulous and get the hair you always dreamt of, Narybu will be waiting for you from 29/4 to 5/5 in Gloss Salon Jabriya.

بناء على نجاح الزيارتان السابقتين ، و الطلب لمتزايد على Narybu من اسبانيا، Narybu هي صاحبة صالون من اشهر ا لصالونات الاسبانية،و التي تتفرع  في ثلاث مناطق اسبانية ماربيا الاسبانية، ملقا، و لاس بالما . ومن المعروف عن Narybu استخدام أفضل و احدث المنتجات في العالمية.Narybu مختصة في التمليس الياباني “يوكو” وكذلك الكراتين (keratin complex)؛ وهو عديم الرائحة تماما،و مصنع من مواد صديقة للبيئة التي تعيد لشعرك رونقه و جماله ،تخلصي من جفاف شعرك و احصلي على شعر لطالما حلمت مع Narybu من 4 / 29 وحتى 5 / 5 في صالون جلوس الجابرية”

  • Facebook (link)
  • Address: Jabriya, Block 1A, St. No. 8 Building 28, 1st Floor
  • Tel: 25359051
  • email:

Libélula Nail Spa (home service)

From their Facebook page: “A Nail spa where you can get your nails done by our team in the comfort of your own home . Pamper yourself and get ur lucky Libélula”

  • Facebook (link)
  • Twitter: @libelulanspa
  • Tel: 55106611
  • email:

I Like: OPI’s “Try On This Color”

*click to enlarge*

I like the “TRY ON THIS COLOR” on OPI’s website

Simply go to , select nail length, skin tone, and pick a color to “virtually” try it on 😉

Its addictive… Now I want that Grand Canyon Sunset nail polish on 😛

Nick Vujicic

I was invited and given VIP tickets by Wataniya Telecom via Zenith Media (thank you Assaf ;-)) to attend Nick Vujicic inspirational speech at GUST yesterday.

As we were seated.. they started with a Continue reading


Fahad wrote an interesing post on his blog about blueberries… its a good read 🙂

I went ahead and got me some earlier today 😛

Yummy AND healthy snack 😉

7 Ways to Wear a Scarf

I saw this video on Barmait and thought of sharing it with my readers 😉


label.m Products

I am so in love with label.m products! My current favorites are the Dry Shampoo, the Sea Salt Spray, and the Blow Out Spray

Price tag? Dry Shampoo is KD5.540, and Sea Salt Spray is KD7.710 (I dont know the blow out spray’s cost – sorry)


The Dry Shampoo is ADDICTIVE! Its light and last for longer time than the one I used to have before. Plus, the smell is nice too 😉

To me, label.m Dry Shampoo > Lee Stafford Oily Roots (I recommended it before)

Same goes for label.m Sea Salt > L’Oreal Beach Creme (which I also have recommended a while back)

All in all, I switch my previous recommendations to label.m products for that they are light and more natural looking. The leave no visible residue, and my hair smells great and feels light 😉

They are available at Toni & Guy 😉

The Manhattan – Online Shop

I was contacted by The Manhattan Online Shop a couple of times to check their website. I have also read about it on some local blogs! I have always thought it was quite interesting, but I didnt want to write about it until I actually try it – and I did 😉

Few weeks back, I was checking out their website and initially wanted to get FootzyRolls 😉 But hey… dont blame me… one thing led to another and I went ahead with “few more” items in my shopping bag 😀

I was so tempted to try their Continue reading

Recommended – Purelogicol

As I mentioned before, I have a falling toe nail (due to a trauma) and its really affecting me negatively! I am hating the process but been incredibly patient given the fact that toe nails grow at much slower rate than nails… anyways, I came across a product/supplement called Purelogicol while shopping at Boots! The pharmacist swore by it… explaining that its not only good for nails, but also for hair, skin, and joints! Plus its pure collagen, and it reminded me of that episode on Oprah about how Japanese found the fountain of youth through collagen!

My take on the product?

I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed stronger nails to be quite honest. I also have been told by a couple of friends that my hair looks better and healthier (it kinda grew faster too – or felt like it) Plus I use an amazing range of hair shampoos (yes, I alternate hair shampoos all the time). I am still waiting for my skin to be “flawless” hahaha! My skin feels more vital though 😉

Lets not forget that “You are what you eat” and I have been trying to change my lifestyle too, drink loads of water, and exercise between now and then (I have to do it regularly after Ramadan)… so all the above are factors in the changes I have been noticing 😉

Price tag? Well I got mine for Continue reading