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So the Beige or Red?

Did you make up your mind? Which shoes would you go for?

Well well well… I bought the red shoes last year (I think in September) from Dior 😉 – cant remember the exact price –

The beige? Well I saw it in Shoe Box in 360 Mall not too long ago 😉

Steal Vs. Real

Which shoes would you go for? One of the is less than KD50 and the other is over KD200 😉

This is the beige shoes

And the red one is the one I have 😉

A follow up post will be on later 😉 But tell me… which shoe will you go for and why?

Steal Vs. Real

Earlier this week I was at The Avenues and spotted this shoes at CCDK – branded with Paris Hilton’s name!

It is selling for KD48

It reminded me so much of few years back Continue reading

Steal Vs. Real

Which one would you go for?

Miu Miu Forma Cutout Sandals – Around KD185

Or Top Shop Raver Mesh Velcro High Sandal – Around KD23

Steal Vs. Real

I was walking around at Debenhams and spotted this shoes out..

aaaaand FLASH BACK!

I have the same shoes, only its Marc By Marc Jacobs

Which one would you go for? As for me, definitely the REAL deal!