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Kuwait’s Social Media Forum – Take II

Zain invited me to attend their second Social Media Event, which took place in GUST last night.

I got their at 5:15PM – which is 15 minutes late than their scheduled time… but due to unavoidable circumstances they did not start till after 6:30PM!

I realized half way through that I forgot my good camera AGAIN! 😦 But I always carry a small one in my bag, so… something is better than nothing!!!

Anyways… The event is organized by both; Zain & Al Hareer.

They started with handing our certificates to the attendees of the first forum, including me, then they broke for prayers… afterwards, Mr. Abdullah AlSaif of AlHareer Business Center gave an introductory speech to the audience.

The event was planned to host a discussion panel by three blogs in Kuwait… to share their blogging and tweeting experiences with the audience!

The starts of the night; @P0ach (blog), @MubarakEsmail (blog), and @his_hers_q8 (blog)… with @DrAlZamel (blog) who was the moderator of the discussion panel!

It was a fun and light event… with lots of examples given by the guests… and some interactions with the audience too. They also talked about how blogs turned into business and how it works, with all of the good, the bad, and the ugly! They also got into discussing FourSquare and how to turn that into a business and marketing tool… giving two thumbs up to NBK‘s move, as a first entrant to use it in our market 😉

P0ach surprised me.. or wanted to have some actions to be exact and asked the microphone guy to approach me explaining “Ansam has a question!”


My reaction? Well… I held the mike, I laughed a bit and was like “Abdullah, I do not have a question!” – It was a funny moment and P0ach is such a sweetheart!

The last speech was given by Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini, one of Zain’s Social Media team. Very informative 😉

P0ach! You are an inspiration to many and one of my best bloggersphere buddies 😀 😀 😀 You are full of energy and smile *mashallah* Thanks for the shout-out LOL

HiKuwait, it was nice to see you again tonight 🙂

His&Hers! What can I say!? Love your blog and I read it on daily basis!

Dr.AlZamel… You did a great job moderating the discussion, and I hold a great amount of respect to you… Thanks again – I am very grateful for your help last week 🙂

AlHareer, thanks for being part of the event. We want to see more of those forums… I know I nagged about the time in the beginning of this post, but nevertheless it was great

Mohammed AlMuhaini (and the whole Zain Social Media Team) Thank you for always remembering me and making me part of your social media events! I really appreciate it 😀

In the end, they handed certificates to the participants and asked us all for a group picture 😀

Oh and it was good seeing you Mr. Omar!!!

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Zain: Social Media Event II

Zain will be hosting Part II of the Social Media Event (for the first event click here, here, and here)

This Time the speakers will be my fellow bloggers 🙂 They will be talking about their experiences and journey in the world of blogging….  Along with the Twitter accounts associated with the blog!

Who are the guest speakers???? Well well well… They’re Continue reading

Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum – Day III

The last day of the Social Media Forum -March 28th-was quite light and nice! It started of with -bloggers- guest speakers Mr. Khaled AlOtaibi of حاكي عقالي (@EnterQ8) and Ahmed AlHaidar. They talked about their blogging experience, different styles of writing, how to gain publicity, and talked about Frankom as one of the examples 😉 – I kept tweeting about the forum the whole three days! I was enjoying it so much – as mentioned before, you can follow it on twitter’s #KWSocial.

Then they opened the discussion floor for Q&A and shared some of their tips with the audience before they break for prayers.

After the break, Dr. Sajed AlAbdali (@DrSajed) who talked about twitter more! He talked about his opinion about the styles and patterns.. I did not agree with him on so many points, but it was interesting -nevertheless- to hear different opinions 😉

Overall, it was a good experience and I enjoyed the event. I met quite a few people, had quite a few coming to me and saying hello (was wondering if the special mention on the first got me exposed somewhat LOL)… the funny thing is I did not get to meet bloggers!

Again, thank you so much Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini of Zain Telecom for the invite and for the pictures 🙂

You can read more about it here

Day I

Day II

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Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum – Day II

Day II of Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum was as fruitful as day I (link).

The first speaker was Mr. Mohammed AlDallal, lawyer (@maldallal)

Very informative and useful presentation, talking about the laws and regulations of the Internet usage in Kuwait (Find the summary here).

The funny thing is that this conference lets everyone use their mobiles, laptops, iPads freely… including the guest speakers, even when they’re on stage! Its a social media forum after all – and I love it every time someone mentions a tweet received during their speeches (Yes, there is a competition going on between me and @dukeq8! That’s an insider joke by the way 😉

Then Ms. Hind AlNahed (@Hindrelations) and Mr. Khaled AlZanki (@KhalidAlzanki) both spoke about their experiences, work, and gave many examples of how to utilize and better use those tools into marketing…

You can follow up the event on twitter at #KWSocial

Again, thank you Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini for the pictures 🙂

I look forward to tonight’s speakers 😀 – will update you tomorrow!


Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum – Day I

I was invited by Zain to attend Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum. Yesterday was the first day of the forum, which will last for four days and I will try to update you as much as I can…

The MC of the day was Mr. Omar AlOthman (@OmarAlothman)- very charismatic (even Mr. AlMutawa who took his place afterwards).

The event was fruitful and I enjoyed it so much… they talked about the social media tools, focusing mostly on Twitter.

We had many guest speakers for the day… Mr. Abdulrazag AlMutawa (@Razag_AlMutawa) and Mr. Nasser AlMutawa (@NasserAlmutawaa) – who both singled me out from the audience! That was hilarious and funny in the same time (Thank you guys) – I could not stop laughing for a minute or two LOL

They also played a short movie made by Zain team about Social Media… was kinda cool 🙂

Later on more guest speakers got on stage after the break; Ms. Haya AlShatti (@hayaalshatti), Mr. Abdullah Boftain (@AbdullahBoftain), Mr. Abdulwahab AlEssa (@Awahab_Alessa), Dr. Abdullah AlMutawa (@DrAlmutawa), and Dr. Sajed AlAbdali (@DrSajed)

It was very interesting to hear different points of views, pros and cons, experiences, and much more!

Many of them gave examples of how useful Twitter is, specially with the weather crisis the day before – how some people stuck on the road got saved!

Every single speaker had his/her own way but all of’em were easy on the ears!

Thank you Mr. Mohammed AlMuhaini, of Zain, for inviting me to the event and providing me with the pictures 🙂

For updates, check out #KWSocial on twitter 😉

Kuwait’s First Social Media Forum

I’m at Kuwait’s 1st Social Media Forum in GUST! Enjoying it so far 😉 Thank you Zain for the invite.