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BIG (HUGE) Mistake!

I traveled to Syria via Kuwait Airways… I rarely fly Kuwait Airways, I dont like the planes, I dont like the service, and I definitely dont like their timings!

Anyways, as I was browsing ALBURAQ, their inflight magazine, I came across a HUGE HUGE MISTAKE!

*click to enlarge*

Okay… to be specific, its ALBURAQ Magazine, Feb-Mar 2011 issue, page 105 (English section) they have a picture of the Rulers of Kuwait and below the picture they listed all the rulers since Sheikh Sabah I…. and listing the last one as Sheikh AHMAD (29 January 2005 – to the present)

Excuse me??? Sheikh Ahmad??? SERIOUSLY????

Thats one of the dumbest mistakes I have ever seen! It puts the magazine into shame! How come they did not come across it!

مجلة البراق على متن الخطوط الجوية الكويتية كاتبين اسم الشيخ غلط! شلون غلطة كبيرة بالحجم هذا تمشي من غير تدقيق! شلون بدل ما يكتبون الشيخ صباح كاتبين الشيخ أحمد! هل يعقل؟؟؟

الشيخ صباح الأحمد الجابر الصباح تولى مقاليد الحكم في يناير 2006. الشيخ أحمد اللي كاتبين عنه موجود حاليا (حسب كلامهم) من سنة 2005 الى الوقت الحالي

Seriously! Al Fouz Vs. Al Rifai

My sister spotted this bag of coffee beans while grocery shopping! She accidentally bought their products, mistaken them for Al Rifai (link)

Couldn’t they come up with different colors/logo/branding ideas! Seriously?


Australian or Kuwaiti?

Okay… it says here, “Fresh Australian Meat – Country of origin: Kuwait”



I saw this on P0ach’s blog few days back….



Toilet seat at IKEA “For Display Only”!!! I am thinking who would in their right mind use it? and in PUBLIC? LOL

Mark Vs. Lawsuit

“Any publicity is a good publicity”!

That was the case with so many restaurants in K-Town. No?

Napket was reviewed by so many bloggers, many wrote negative reviews… how did Napket team handle it? With total grace. The original idea of Napket serving food in plastic-ware was not accepted by many – although it is their style for those who know Napket. I for example went to Napket because many told me they did not like it and I ended up LOVING IT! (link) – Not only that… I got hooked and addicted to that place… its one of the most popular restaurants now at The Avenues

Burger King is another example… I once posted a very negative review about them (link) – their reaction? The Operation Manager at the time contacted me and asked me “NOT to remove my post” and instead he offered to take me to any Burger King of my choice to go see the kitchen of it. They took it as a constructive criticism, in which I had to write an updated post about it (link)

I am sure many bloggers encountered this at one point in time! Many experienced an incident (if not more) about reviews they posted…

It just saddens me that a restaurant had to file a lawsuit against Mark for writing a review about their restaurant (link) stating his “own” and “personal” opinion. I read it at the time, and read it again (twice) today to find out what really triggered them in the first place… it wasn’t THAT bad to be quite honest!!!

They should have just let it go right then and there… or even better? Contact him to know what the problem is/was? Try to fix it and maybe make it up to him.

I think we dont have the same tastebuds no matter how influential we are! I personally go to restaurants because I want to go… even if I read bad reviews about’em! That would never stop me from experiencing…. As a matter of fact, I get tempted to go because of this.

What do you think?

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I was at Sultan Center yesterday looking for parking spot… when I saw this…

I waited for the guy to move.. I thought he wanted to unload his cart but he looked at me and waved “NO” and then looked away and started talking on his mobile.. I rolled down my window and asked him if he was going to move away and he said “No, I am saving this spot for someone”





Just saw this video on Frankom‘s about AlMahdi AlMuntathar in AlFayoum!




Whats wrong with this picture? – taken in Marina Mall restrooms

The soap dispensers…. errrr!! I meant the soap water bottles!! SERIOUSLY?

Picture stolen from my friend, Yousef… thanks buddy 😉