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Robot – Very Real Looking One!

Just saw this video on 3ateeja’s blog!



My First Bouky Purchase

I finally got to use NBK’s Bouky! Its a PayWave payment method done by waving a cellular phone at a special reader only at selected stores….

I used it in the Top Shop – Avenues, as for that I am participating in the pilot testing for the device!

Just a wave, simple wave… no signature no nothing 😉 “Just smile & wave boys! Smile & wave”


BMW 7-Series: Equipped with Internet Technology

BMW Online

Dubai: There is no need for a BlackBerry or a data package on your mobile phone if you are driving the new BMW 7-series.

The automotive manufacturer announced yesterday that its models will come pre-installed with Continue reading

Land Rover – S1 Rugged Device

Sonim Technologies announced that it has partnered with Land Rover, the British manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, in order to bring us new rugged mobile phones.

Land Rover S1

S1 come in a protective case made from XENOY, which is “a revolutionary post-consumer plastic derived mostly from Continue reading

Block Incoming Calls – BB

Tired of unwanted calls ???

Can’t reject them because you think it’s rude???

Well here is a small trick where the caller will just hear a busy tone if he/she calls you…the good thing is that you will still receive a missed call from the caller without them knowing.

This way you can screen your calls!

Follow the steps below Continue reading

Web Cam Captures Home Invasion

This is when web cams at home comes in handy! Cool!!!

“Embrace Technology!”

Thanks Mimmi 😉



Babyglow is a suit that changes color when the baby’s temperature is too high!


Six years ago Chris Ebejer conceived a way to stop babies from overheating.

Now, proudly, he is delivering his fully-formed creation to the world.

The father of one has signed Continue reading