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Ma’loula – Syria

Yes! I am back to posting about my previous trips! Today I will be taking you with me to Ma’loula (معلولا)

Ma’loula is a city located northeast of Damascus (about 50KM away).. the name itself means the Continue reading

Sultan Hassan and AlRifaie Mosques

After visiting Muhammed Ali Mosque, we headed down to Sultan Hassan and Al Rifaie Mosques

The one the left side was built by Sultan Hassan Bin Qalawun, who was a Turkish Sultan that reigned in Egypt during the 14th C.

Its a HUGE mosque with huge huge doors and beautiful architecture… very devoted Continue reading

Muhammed Ali Mosque

My dad, his Egyptian friend Ali, and I decided to pass by Muhammed Ali Mosque while we were in Cairo last November.

Its a beautiful Ottoman mosque commissioned by Muhammed Ali Pasha -in memory of his son Tusun Pasha- between 1830 and 1848.

Thats the courtyard

And alabaster covered courtyard.

I also snapped few pics from the inside… the chandelier – here you can see the central dome which is surrounded by other domes

You can find more info here!

Its a place not to be missed… specially if you wanna go and admire the architecture of the Ottomans!

Here is a picture from the top of Sultan Hassan and AlRifaie Mosques, which I will be posting pictures about tomorrow

And here are different pictures I took while out of Muhammed Ali Mosque of Cairo

Early Eidiya ;-)

I got two early Eidiya’s last week 😉 The first one was from the House of Etiquette 😉

Very elegant box with their Eid Greetings, news letter, and classes schedule… along with two yummy chocolate truffle lollies from Chocolate Bar 😉

The second Eidiya was from Zain Telecom 😉 – Thanks to His & Hers again for delivering me the gift 😉

A very beautiful praying set! Everyone at home loved it and loved the packaging too!

Praying rug, praying garment, Holy Quran with matching cover for the set, bookmark with a schedule for Quran reading, compass, mesbah, and a bag to carry it all

Zakat House

Every time I pass by a Zakat House branch I remember my little sister, maybe 8 or 9 at the time, reaction; “THAT’S BAIT AL ZAKAAAT??”

Apparently she created an image of a huge kind of house that helps the poor all over… so when she saw the branch she got shocked thinking it was THE Zakat House she keeps hearing about…

Now history repeats when my nephew, who is now 9 years old, was shocked to see the branch – almost exactly the same reaction; “THAT’S BAIT AL ZAKAAAT??”

Anyways for more on Zakat House, visit their website (link)


The picture above is for one of many Zakat House branches… its not THE ACTUAL Zakat House 😉

Below are pictures I snapped of the Zakat House HQ!

Sunan AlRawatib

The prophet peace be upon him once said:  “A house will be built in Heaven for whoever is diligent in observing 12 Sunnah Rak’aat prayers for Allah”

Those prayers are called Sunan AlRawatib.

How is it performed?

Two before Fajr prayers

Four before Duhur prayers and two after it

Two after Maghrib prayers

Two after Isha prayers


ماهي السنن الرواتب؟

إن من حكمة الله سبحانه وتعالى ورحمته بعباده أن شرع لهم التطوع، وجعل لكل عبادة واجبة تطوعاً من جنسها، ليكون جبراً لما قد يقع في الفرائض من نقص

حديث أم حبيبة رضي الله عنها قالت: “سمعت رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يقول: «من صلى اثنتي عشرة ركعة في يوم وليلة، بني له بهن بيت في الجنة».


صلاة الفجر : قبلها ركعتان

(( في فضل سنة الفجر : ورد في فضل راتبة الفجر حديث عائشة رضي الله عنها عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم: قال: «ركعتا الفجر خير من الدنيا وما فيها».

صلاة الظهر :  قبلها أربع ركعات وبعدها ركعتان

صلاة المغرب :بعدها ركعتان

صلاة العشاء : بعدها ركعتان

ولأهمية هذه العبادة، وتكررها بتكرر الصلوات المفروضة

Thanks Tasneem K.M. 😉