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My little sister told us once that there is something about the number, 27!

This number pops up everywhere she looks…. at least (YES! AT LEAST) once a day!

She would look at the time and it would be xx:27

She turns on the TV and there it is… the temperature in the weather forecast is 27

She would have a conversation with a someone she just met, and she’ll be like “How old are you?” the person would answer “27”

She buys a jeans… whats the total price? KD27!

I can go on and on about it…. she thought she was alone! The 27-everywhere-syndrome!

And then…. one day I meet Ahmed (who designed my new logo) and he branded his car and artwork with the number 27 – also he keeps the reason of his love to the number private, it is still there! 27!

Maryam, one of The Proteges I met last year – same story! The number 27! It does not stop there, she tells me the same story with one of the mentors in the program, Mr. Yarub!!!

I googled it and came across this Continue reading

Cairo – Random Pictures Here & There

I want to continue to post about my trip from last November… so to jump start this I thought of sharing some random pictures (in no specific order) I have taken here and there while in Cairo…

Random street in the outskirts

The famous rocks at Airport 3

Al Azhar

And that is a kiss from Continue reading

B + D in Rawda? :-O

B & D…. What have you done to Rawda Clinic?????? 😛

518 Everywhere ;-)

More on the numbers 518 😉 I am loving the idea that its kinda becoming my recognized brand LOL

Alfa+’s Mafia Wars level 518 😉

And I got two tweets yesterday… first one was from Esperanza! She asked me what’s my favorite kind of chocolate, I said Kit Kat and she sent me this pic 😉

Not too long after, Fay AlO sent me this from The Student Center – her waiting number was 518 😉

518 Everywhere!

I love it when I get email messages/contacts from my blog readers with pictures of 518 all over the place

Reader AR sent me this snapshot of her facebook profile showing 5 messages and 18 announcements 😉

Rakan, my friend, sent me a picture of a Daladala (shared taxi) #518 in Zanzibar 😉

Thanks you guys 😉



Tomorrow tomorrow, I love you tomorrow,
Your’e only a day away 😉

Something BIG will happen tomorrow 😉 Can  you guess? My Twitter followers may have an idea LOL

518 From My Readers ;-)

OK more on the numbers 518 😉

FJO sent me this from KFH!

and Hamoud sent me a picture of some paperwork at work… with the numbers 518 😉

I think I wanna collect all those pictures I get from my readers and make them into a collage or poster LOL ❤

Spotted: Al Erhab wal Kabab Building

While driving around in Cairo, I spotted The Mogamma Building – the one they filmed the movie Al Erhab wal Kabab (Terrorism and Kebab) in/about it 😉

A movie released in the early 1990s….

This was playing in my mind that I actually said it out loud


My dad + the driver laughed at me 😛

518 and Me?

I love it when people snap different pictures of the numbers 518 and sends them to me 😀 Its becoming more recognizable and related to me… just like a brand LOL!

This is a picture sent to me via BB from Fatima Sh. in Dubai ;-*

518 email messages?! Good luck with that Fattooma 😉

Here is a previous post about the same subject – kinda 😉 (link)

Showing Respect!

When I was in Milton Keynes last month walking to Xscape I could not help but snap pictures of their parking lot’s handicap section

Look how they respect the laws! I kept thinking of my previous No-No Post (link) tsk tsk tsk – very sad indeed 😦