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What is Gossip Girl Saying in the Introduction?

She starts by: “Gossip Girl here! Your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” and then after the summary (of previous episode(s)) she says something! I cant quite get the first sentences so I googled it and got a couple of answers…

Where has she been, Serena?
And who am I?
That’s one secret I’ll never tell.
You know you love me.
xoxo… Gossip Girl

Why isnt she answering?
And who am i?
That’s one secret I’ll never tell.
You know you love me
xoxo, gossip girl

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – Miniatures

How many calories are in each of those little devilish cups??? Anyone knows?

I hope not too many :-S Otherwise… Uh Oh! I am in trouble!!! :-S

Rock Sculpture at Cairo Airport

While in Cairo Airport 3 I spotted a cool two rocks tied in a rope sculpture!

A piece of art I must say, its like a rock on top is supported with a rope that tie it to the one in the bottom! Smart 😉

Anyone knows what it signifies? Who’s the artist?

Maple Pecan Plait

Where can I get a good Maple Pecan Plait in Kuwait?

A friend asked me this question and I dont want to disappoint her 😉 So anyone knows?

Picture link!

PQ -The Avenues- Closed Down

Yes, it closed down in Phase I but is moving to Phase II 😉 Just like I mentioned in my previous post (link) so dont worry!

My twitter friend @A_AlBaDDaH sent me this picture yesterday!

I love PQ and I drop by it once or twice in every two months or so! They serve the best hot chocolate in town in their bowl-like-mug… which I enjoy sipping my hot coco from ❤

I posted thie pic on my BBM and got so many messages – followed by my friend, Shaikha, who went there and tried it herself ❤

Which place serves the best hot coco in Kuwait – in your opinion?


Shake Shack will open in PQ’s Phase I place – Thanks Frankom and @Q80CHEF. (Link)

Ad – New Zain eeZee Campaigns

What do you think of the new Zain eeZee ads/Campaign (ad/offer link)?

Now I know they say that any publicity is a good publicity, and they really got everyone talking in Kuwait… I still want to know what you think of those ads?

Image from AboFlan

Image from AboFlan

Anyone saw these ads in English? I wonder how they translated’em!?!?


I still have so many posts, travel posts, of my Cairo, London, Syria, and now Dubai trips that I did not fully cover!

Question is… do you want me to finish them one by one or just post them randomly? I am thinking randomly since its easier! But I have so much on my plate… restaurants, places to go to, shopping, sites, and more!

Your input is highly appreciated my dear readers 😉


Dr. Fish Treatment – Now Available in Kuwait?

My friend sent me a link to “LIKE” on one of the pages in Facebook called Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

According to the info they posted, they are open daily from 10:00AM to 10:00PM  in the Aqua Park on Gulf St (you dont need to pay entry ticket to the park, just go in to the spa) – Ladies only

To book an appointment, call 94099144

And then I read on Q8BlackMarket about another salon called Betty Boop offering the same service! It looks like that it will be the new trend 😉

So I made my calls

Fisho Spa Kuwait (link)

One treatment: KD7-10 for 30 mins

KD7 for 30 mins

KD10 for 45 mins

Betty Boop (link)

Regular is KD12 – 15 mins

Spa Treatment is KD16 – 20 mins with massage and special lotion/cream

Must book an appointment – call 25356064

So…. Anyone tried it yet? How safe is it (check this out)?

To know more about Dr. Fish Treatment, click here!

Where Was I?

The second branch of ……??????


What was your favorite 1980s’ songs? (Arabic & English)

ما هي أحلى و أفضل الأغاني العربية و الأجنبية أيام الثمانينات؟