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Can I Survive a Week on KD1 Per Day?

I am going to go grocery shopping with KD7 only to spend, less if I can, to buy groceries that will feed me for a week!

This is a new project I am doing! Something that is good for the soul… and to feel for the poor! So let’s see how this one will go!

I will be posting daily journal about my experience 😀

Let’s see how this one will go now 😉


I am happy to announce that ALSARIYAH launched their website 😉

You can also check out this video – taken from their twitter account 😉

Official Website (link)

Twitter (link)

Facebook (link)

For more info, click here and here!

Bu Tina

While browsing the net, I saw a banner ad to vote for “Bu Tina“… I did not get it so I clicked!

Turn out that this site is about a project for an island in Abu Dhabi (read more about it here).

Sounds interesting 😉

The Fisherman (Trailer)

One of the people who are working on this Kuwaiti film sent me this trailer and asked me to post it on my blog so you all can give them your feedback before they move to the next step of production. They are a group of young Kuwaitis who are interested in Film-making and cinema. They are also trying to make serious Kuwaiti films, so show them your support and give them your honest feedback… and let it be “constructive” criticism 🙂


Thanks Hamad 😉

Bang Bang!

Our house has been full of workers…. carpenters, plumers, painters, and more! We are finishing on some unfinished parts that we left when we moved in… and remodeling some other parts! Its been exhausting but also interesting! I have been going to Shuwaikh a lot… as well as Salmiya, Dajeej, and God knows where else! I really wanna post before and after pictures… but I dont wanna spoil it all now…
For example… this is a picture an old Continue reading