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Breaking News!

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak will adress the nation Tuesday night, Reuters reports. Mubarak will say he will not seek another term as president, according to Arabiya Network!

Beyond No-No!


Thugs/looters ruining mummies of the Egyptian Museum during the protests Saturday 😦

This is one of the greatest and best Pharaonic treasures of all times :’-(

Mummies, statues, display cases…. WHY WHY!!

Some even were emptied!

Egyptian Protests

My friend Zoona just got back last night from Cairo safely. She sent me few pictures she snapped on her way to the airport…

Thats one police station being robbed :-S

The airport was a chaos but thank God they got home 🙂

Praying for Egypt… may God be with them and end this soon!

Thanks Noor F.Q. for the flag 😉

Egypt Revolution – Jan 25th


Hoping its not a domino effect 😦 ! May God save us all

Hillary Clinton Snaps at Congo Student’s Question

I just saw this video on iLSuL6ana! Whoa! Thats one rare moment of anger Hillary! When a student from a university at Democratic Republican of Congo asked what does “Mr.” Clinton thinks about China’s involvement and the World Bank in Congo, she replied, “You want to know what my husband think? My husband is not the secretary of state, I am. You ask my opinion; I will tell you my opinion. I’m not going to channel my husband.


To read more:

The Blind Village in Yemen

My mom sent me this video of a village in Yemen called Khuznah, a very primitive lifestyle kinda village where almost all of its inhabitants are blind – their sight gets worse as the sun sets, and as they reach the age of 6 years they lose their sight completely!!! How bizarre is that!?


Another FroYo Shop Opening Soon ;-)

I guess it’s the more, the merrier 😉

Thanks Shimo 😉

52 Degrees Opening

I was invited to 52 Degrees opening last Wednesday October 20th!

The setting and atmosphere was absolutely fabulous! You enter a la red carpet style with lots of photographers snapping pictures!

I walked in with my friends… we started walking in and about, got the chance to meet and talk to different business owners


The fabulous Maha AlAsaker with one of her photos

A darling piece of furniture, true art - I LOVE!

Mexican Elephant Design

Frobie (Frozen Yogurt "Roub")

The hall was designed  in a lounge-like design! Loved it! The crowd was nice and we had an hour of time allowing everyone to mingle and walk around

Just a couple of minutes before their official launch speech 😉

Oh and the Fabulous Haya Abdulsalam was there! Gotta love this actress

Below is the official press release from 52 Degrees and the video of Continue reading

AlSoor Hires First Female To Manage/Follow Up on Alfa Stations

AlSoor hires the first female employee, Fatma Salem to manage and follow up on Alfa Gas Stations in Kuwait!

Mr. Salem AlHassawi, Senior Director of Marketing & Sales said the initiative comes from the company’s plan to support Kuwaiti manpower in various fields in both administration and operations.


أعلنت شركة السور للوقود أنه في اطار خططها توطين العمالة الكويتية ورفع نسبة العمالة الوطنية لديها، قامت الشركة بتعيين أولى الموظفات الكويتيات وذلك لإدارة ومتابعة محطات ALFA لتعبئة الوقود وهي فاطمة سالم.
ومن جهته قال مدير أول المبيعات والتسويق في الشركة سالم الحساوي ان هذه المبادرة تأتي انطلاقا من خطة الشركة لدعم العمالة الوطنية في المجالات المختلفة، مشيرا الى ان «السور لتعبئة الوقود» تنتهج في سياستها الاعتماد على الكفاءات الوطنية ومخرجات التعليم لسد احتياجاتها من العمالة الوطنية وذلك لتغطية احتياجاتها في مختلف الأنشطة سواء ادارية أو تشغيلية.


Thank You Mr. Salem AlHassawi 😉

Eid is Friday ;-)

Tomorrow will be the last day of Ramadan, which means Eid will be on Friday 😉

تقبل الله طاعتكم