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The Royal Wedding @ Hyde Park

Here are some pictures of the Royal Wedding I would like to share with you all the way from Hyde Park from Luluscious 😉

Here you go with her commentary 😉

It was an amazing day at the Hyde Park! People gathered to
celebrate the royal wedding.

Big screens where available as well as food stands all around..

I had to actually go there around Continue reading

The Royal Wedding Frenzy

The amazing Luluscious sent me a glimpse of The Royal Wedding frenzy in London and how some retailers are targeting tourists and serious collectors to get their hands on valuable memoir, which she admitted to fall in herself 😛

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Spotted: SWAROVSKI Mini

Luluscious spotted this SWAROVSKI frosted Mini Cooper in their shop in Oxford St. in London

Jelly Belly Beans Portrait

Luluscious spotted this Portrait of Prince William and Kate Middleton as she entered Peter Jones Dept Store

It is the world’s first royal wedding portrait of them made entirely of Jelly Belly Beans.

The engaged couple have been immortalized in an image made from 11,000 delicious Jelly Belly Beans using 15 of of the 50 different flavors.

The masterpiece measures 1.4m by 1.2m, weighing 25 kilos and took artist Malcolm West over five weeks to create.

Thanks Luluscious 😉

Colbeh Persian Cuisine – London

You can’t miss Colbeh Restaurant when walking by… not because its big or because it has a huge sign out, but because of the smell of fresh bread and kebab that comes out of that restaurant tickling your senses and drawing you into the restaurant! My friend Luluscious lives close by and whenever we walk by Connaught St we get teased by the smell of the food! We finally gave in and went in for dinner – Luluscious is more familiar with their menu 😉 So lets go in…

The restaurant is tiny with squeezed in tables! Not as hip as the restaurants I like to dine-in in London, decorations are meh (heard they renovated), service is okay but really fast, yet the food is fabulous and their portions are generous!

We started of with super Continue reading

Breakfast at PQ

One of my favorite places to have breakfast at is PQ – Le Pain Quotidien 😉

I love their food… their organic food! I just miss the spreads they used to offer 😦 Not anymore….

Anyways… I went with Luluscious for brunch and while we were placing our order, the waiter goes “Too bad we will be closing soon” I gasped!! Turned out he was teasing us… they are closing down at The Avenues phase I and moving to phase II 😛 *whew*

Anyways… I always get their hot chocolate – its my favorite place to have hot chocolate 😉

I order it skimmed and enjoy it to the last drop! Knowing me, I favor paper cups for hot drinks, but not in PQ 😉 I love their huge bowl-like cups so much 😀

Our brunch consisted of three dishes… two open sandwiches (one is kashkawan cheese/mushroom, the other was turkey, cheese, and chicken) and egg Benedict

Lulu snapped this amazing pics for me… LOVE the natural light effect in it ❤

Their open sandwiches were fabulous… Luluscious approved 😉 The cheese is heated/melted just right, and the mushrooms were a great addition! Turkey and chicken one was good 🙂

As for the egg Benedict, perfect hollandaise and the egg was just perfect – I asked for it to be without spinach 😉 I just like it better that way!

There are three locations for PQ that I know of, The Palms, The Avenues, and Marina Crescent. Their tel numbers respectively are: 25633684, 24954631, and 22244942

Winter Wonderland

While in London last September… I managed to pass by the Winter Wonderland in the Hyde Park a couple of times

I loved it… the setup was amazing with so many attractions, performances, arcades and games, and lots of good Continue reading

Zahra Cafe @}–/—-

Luluscious was craving Zahra Cafe’s Chocolate Pudding… so we headed there a couple of days ago…

The thing with Zahra Cafe that it never gets old, and its always full of life and loyal customers… you go and see familiar faces there! I personally love this place ❤

Anyways… I ordered their “Foul” sandwich (I dunno why they spell it this way) – which is half mashed mini fava beans in tiny pita breads with a side salad

Oh it was so good… I offered Lulu one of which in exchange for one piece of her turkey sandwich which came in with a side of french fries and a salad

Then we shared the chocolate pudding! Every bite is a tease and is better than the one before it! It is SO DAMN GOOD and perfect treat when you need a “pick me up” – specially when you are craving chocos ❤

Our total came to KD10.700 (I had pressed black coffee and Lulu had lemon with mint juice)

Zahra Cafe is located in the basement of Zahra Shopping Complex and their tel # is 25717063/4

2010 Wrap-up ;-)

2010 passed by SO FAST *turbo-like*, well… except for the last couple of weeks which seemed a bit slower, but nevertheless it was on speedy year! Did a lot and as a new way to tell you all Happy New Year, I prepared this post with best of 2010 for you to enjoy 😉 Happy New Year my readers… you keep me going and going just like the Energizer Bunny 😉

January 2010

My year started in Continue reading

Merry Christmas ;-)

To all my Christian friends and readers! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I dedicate this post to you all with different pictures I have taken in London earlier 😉

Thats Santa I have spotted in Ted Baker’s store in Guilford (link)

Christmas trees for sale in Portobello Road Market (link)

Even signs of festivities in Covent Garden (link)

And below are Continue reading