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I Like

The November Bakery Heart Breaker Cake 😉

Layers of GOODNESS!! Chocolate, Red Velvet, Pink Velvet, Red Velvet, and Chocolate… with cream cheese frosting in between’em!

If I am not mistaken it sells at KD15-20 according to the size you order 😉

To order, call  22253445

Blogs I Like

Or should I say Vlog 😉

Why do I like it? Its different and its fun to watch! She vlogs (post videos) short clips edited in the most funky ways ever… you wont get bored, and you see yourself jumping from one video to another. I am telling you this lady her got charisma and she is full of smiles… I got to meet her for the very first time during the VIVA Social Networking Event… and I was happy to know that she knows my blog She was like “five eight? five one eight?? is it? The one with so many food posts” Yep! That’s me… Guilty 😛 She’s a natural and a sweetheart!

Check out Nouf TV (link)

Follow her on Twitter: @noufalmudhayan

YouTube (link)

Facebook (link)

I Like: Tutti Fruitti

I cant seem to be having enough of Tutti Frutti lately! (My Twitter followers knows what I’m talking about)! I have been having like three box daily for the last few days LOL! Childhood memories!!! *sigh*

Lofat Tweets!

@LofatGroup is now active 😉 They are giving daily health tips on both their Twitter and Facebook pages using Arabic & English

They are also asking questions on Twitter and collecting points for their followers for weekly competitions! Nice 😉 The questions asked are general health questions as well as info hunting of their items from their menu…

Or simple as taking a picture of whats in front of you! Fun 😉

Don’t miss it 😉

For more, follow them on twitter @LofatGroup or LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

I Like: Activia Peach & Apricot Yogurt

Activia‘s Peach & Apricot yogurt 😉 Its refreshing, creamy, and I enjoy the mini fruit chunks in it! I’m hooked!

If I am not mistaken, the same flavor is available at Marks & Spencer?

I Like – Madly Yours

I only trust few few people to do my makeup for that I opt for simple looks but elegant in the same time… one of my friends, Lamia, is an excellent example! She knows my features very well… and I trust her! I swear I would just sit back and relax and let her do the works! I would tell her what I am wearing and she would do her magical touches – picture perfect!

She introduced Madly Yours makeup to me a while back… and ever since I got hooked up on some certain products!

Later on… we had the Madly Yours team come to our house in cooperation with Lamia -who organized the whole thing- for makeup session/tips and it was so much fun 😉 We invited our friends to the event and it was just great (link) – very private and cozy gathering 😉

So in this post I am planning to take you on a virtual tour with me in Madly Yours store 😉

The display of makeup is such a tease.. you wanna try anything and everything!

Shabby chic furniture with lots and lots of Continue reading

I Like…

Kebab Al Hejjah!

When not in the mood to change, dress up, and go out for fancy Iranian dinner, Kebab Al Hejjah will do 😉

Three juicy kebabs wrapped in a blanket of fresh bread – which in return absorbed all the juices within… and a side of grilled tomato!


Pages I Like on Facebook ;-)

My Recent “Likes” on Facebook – A new feature I will be having on my blog 😉

Prêt À Presenter (link)

A store located in Burj Jassim in Kuwait City. Tel# 22960919. They specialize in gift wrapping! Very nice designs

The Powder Room Salon (link)

A new salon located in Al Shaab AlBahri. Their tel # is 22649646. They offer a wide range of salon services such as haircuts, color, highlights, makeup & more!

Unique Uniforms (link)

Offers nice uniforms for nannies and domestic workers! Nicely designed too. Their tel # is 55087725 or email:

I Like

The International Mills salted sunflower seeds! I cant have enough of’em! I am addicted *HELP*

Half kilo for 600 fils!

I Like….

The new Wataniya Telecom playing cards ❤

“ٍشيل و انت ساكت” X-D

I guess the best way to translate that (somewhat lost in translation) is “Pick and shuffle the cards loser!” LOL