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Where Was I?

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr *shivers*

Maybe Buzberry guys knows what I am talking about? (click here, here, and here!)

As for my Twitter followers… Shhhhh, don’t say a word 😛

Can You Guess Who’s Baby Is This?

Hint: She’s a mini version of her Momma 😉

And The Answer Is…..

Sunday Rose – Daughter of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban 😉 – (Question Post)

Can You Guess Who’s Baby Is This?

Hint: Both parents are celebrities 😉

And The Answer Is…..

Baby Paris Hilton


Guess The Celebrity!

Not Nancy Regan… I am talking about the lil baby girl?

And The Answer Is….

COOKIES! Hahahaha (question link)

They were chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin cookies… all SO GOOD! The peanut butter ones were SO FRESH out of the oven that they broke by the time I got home 😛

Yes… just in case you’re wondering, I am more of a cookie person than cake 😉

I am a proud cookie monster 😛

Guess Whats In The Box?!

Can you guess whats in the box?

Answer to be reviled same time tomorrow 😉

And The Answer Is…

Apparently I forgot to answer the question I posted a while back

And surprisingly, no one got it right… well I have to admit, it wasnt an easy one 😉 The brown bag contained Continue reading

Guess What’s In The Bag?