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Focus Test

Saw this cool test on iLSuL6ana yesterday!

I got 20 when it was LATE at night. I am sure I would get a better result when I am fully awake…

If you get 35 or less, you are fully focused… ahem 😉

If you get 35 – 45, you are medium focused

If you get 46 or more, you are not focused at all 😛

Whats your score?


The Movie Game

One of the board games we enjoy playing with the kids at home is the Blockbuster Movie Game. Its a one minute movie recall game.

You basically prepare your favorite DVDs of different movies. Then when its your turn, you pick up a movie, play a 60 second clip… other players must pay extra attention to the details. Afterwards you ask them any question with regards to that clip. All players answer the question on the note provided

Those who answers it right get to play the turn. There are different rules, where you can challenge the asker, or who missed the turn to play… it  is just so much fun. The arguments and all gets really funny

During the game you must collect four tokens; Candy, Drink, Popcorn, and Movie Ticket.

You can win them when you land on designated spot, steal from other players, or buy with whatever coins you collected throughout the game 😉

So I am thinking of hosting bloggerettes’ night to play Movie Game at my place (yes, only females + commentors and silent readers too – again, females only :-P)! Whos in? It will be some time next month 😉

Shake It!

I saw this on Blog37 and thought of sharing it with you!

Click here!


What is Klue?

Can you hear it? It’s the hurried scramble to work out the clues.

Can you feel it? It’s your heart beating out of your chest.

Can you smell it? It’s the rush of fresh air as you make your way to the next clue.

Can you see it? It’s that final clue that tells you’ve reached the finish line.

Can you taste it? It is the sweet taste of victory.

Suppose the only question left to ask is…can you handle it?


You want more? Read p0ach’s post by clicking here!

To contact, email:

Tel#: +(965) 9998-2286

Facebook group

Thanks Dhari 😉 You rock!

Chinese Frog Game

Chinese Frogs Game _ Solve

Switch the frogs to the opposite side! I did it 😉

Chinese Frogs Game _ SolvedTo play the game, download it on excel or click here!


The Bowl Room – VIP Price List

360 Mall Bowl Room

Ms. Rasha of Tamdeen Entertainment sent me the price list for 360 Mall – Bowl Room (VIP Rental Package)

4 lanes all you can play

1 Billiards Table all you can play

Audio room control

1 bowling member attendant

The VIP Package - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

For more pictures of the Bowl Room, click here!


Tamdeen Entertainment is having the Bowl Room Ramadan Open 2009 Tournament .

For more info, click here 😉

The Bowl Room VIP Lounge

OK so as promised…. here I am posting pictures of the VIP lounge of the Bowl Room at 360 Mall. I have to admit the place is so cool! I am so looking forward to reserve it one day and have fun with my friends! The interior is funky with hanging chairs and round booths… four bowling allies/lanes, a bar, and a pool table…

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

VIP - Bowl Room - 360 Mall

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Few days back I got an invitation from TAMDEEN Entertainment to attend the soft opening of Infunity – The Bowl Room – The Freeze Club at 360 Mall.

inFUNity Invitation

InFUNity Invitation - Tamdeen

My sister and I decided to go and check the place out! Plus its about time I go to 360 Mall. The place was not as crowded as Continue reading

Virtual Knee Surgery

I dedicate this post to KTDP!


I DID IT…. try it out peeps! Click here.

Thanks Abrar 😉

AlDallal – A Message From Made’n Q8

The Made’en Q8 guys left the following comment on my “AlDallal” post:

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

شكرا لكم على هذا الاهتمام الرائع .. نحن فعلا بحاجة الى مثل هذا الدعم و التشجيع .. و لله الحمد حصلنا على المركز الأول في مسابقة أفضل شركة طلابية في الكويت لعام 2009

عموما تستضيف ديوانية الوطن غدًا الموافق 7/7/2009 من الساعة 7 الى 9 مساء

Made’n Q8أعضاء شركة

فيسعدنا ان نستقبل مكالماتكم في هذا الوقت على الرقم 1822255 بالضغط على 0 ثم 3 ( للتحدث مع ضيوف الديوانية ) … ان كانت لديكم اي اسئلة او استفسارات او ملاحظات او انتقادات .. الخ فنحن بإذن الله أهلا لها…


They are happy for the support and are saying that they will be guest at Diwaniyat AlWatan on July 7th 2009 – 7:00pm to 9:00pm. They will be happy to answer your calls and question (Tel: 1 82 22 55)