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Land Rover – S1 Rugged Device

Sonim Technologies announced that it has partnered with Land Rover, the British manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles, in order to bring us new rugged mobile phones.

Land Rover S1

S1 come in a protective case made from XENOY, which is “a revolutionary post-consumer plastic derived mostly from Continue reading

Web Cam Captures Home Invasion

This is when web cams at home comes in handy! Cool!!!

“Embrace Technology!”

Thanks Mimmi 😉


iPod Record!

“Ansam!! You’ve broken the record for having all your iPods free”…. Thats what my sister said when I flashed my new iPod nano at her!  Well, technically I got all my iPods for free! Lets go back in time, shall we?

First one I got was from my best friend…. she was vacationing in the States and thought of getting it for me..

Second iPod was a farewell gift from my coworkers!

Third one I got (and blogged about) was a gift for my birthday last May….

And the last one I got TODAY was from Continue reading

New Camera

I finally got a new camera after my old one got broken in Egypt. Technically, I wanted to get a Nikon DSLR (which I am still going to buy) but for the time being and for easy to carry around with me everywhere, I needed similar camera to my old one… so I got me a Sony Cyber-shot 😉

Sony Cyber-shotI am so happy with my new toy.. I snapped some pictures! Just playing around with it and snapping away…