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Thank You KFH

Last week I was contacted by Kuwait Finance House to post about their new cards! I was like “Sure! Why not”. I was just doing it to show support and as an announcement to my readers as well. A couple of days later I get a bag from them!

It was nicely presented with a very formal kind of appreciation letter…

I opened the bag to find a gift in there 😉

Its a mini projector! A new toy for me to fiddle around with and annoy everyone at home using it! LOVED it! Thank you KFH 😀

VIVA Social Networking Event

I was invited to VIVA‘s Social Networking Event last night at Chocolate & Macaroon Pop in The Avenues.

The event was successful, I saw many bloggers… probably the first event I have been to with that many bloggers around! I sat with Starcom team… I love them, and they were great company 😀

The event started with people mingling and socializing… then a speech by VIVA’s CEO Mr. Salman AlBadran

He talked about VIVA signing a contract with Apple making it the official distributor and carrier in Kuwait AND with competitive prices too! Even better? Its not locked to limit you to VIVA 😉 How cool is that? But of course the prices offered comes with a one year contract or so!

They opened up Q&A afterwards, and then dinner was served 😀

I left the event (like so many people who attended it) with a bag of goodies that included branded items (stress ball, cap, mug, pen, mobile accessory) and Continue reading


I received an email from KoutBo6 team to inform me that their KOUT iPhone application is finally released in the app store.

Check for more details

Facebook (link)

Twitter: @Koutbo6

نقدم لك أول برنامج للآيفون يُطوّره برنامج الكوت للآيفون يضع لعبتك المفضّلة بين يديك. لقد تم تطوير اللعبة بحيث توفّر لك أفضل تجربة لعب اجتماعية على الإطلاق.

Car Seat Hangers

After I posted a picture of my friend’s car seat hanger asking if anyone knew where to get them from in Kuwait… I got so many answers via facebook, twitter, and blog comments. Interestingly, no one mentioned ACE Hardware… I went to A to Z, True Value, IKEA… but couldnt find it then I thought to myself “why not try ACE”!! I am glad I did! I found’em in two styles

First one is made of plastic and comes in different colors.. it works only on detachable headrests

The other one is metal and its more flexible – detachable headrests are not a must here 😛

Price tag (for both)? KD3.250

I got so many of them for myself, my parents, my sisters, my cousin, and friend…

Very useful in winters with our jackets and also good for lawyers and doctors with their work coats 😉

Mobile Charging Kiosks

While walking around the city of Milton Keynes, I saw this mobile charging kiosk machine! -pictures are not clear, will try to snap more with  my camera today rather than my mobile camera 😉

Would such machines do good in Kuwait? Whadya think?

Shooting The Moon :-P

This is just a random post of pictures I took using my new camera, Canon SX30 IS. First shot was taken November 11th and last one was taken on November 19th 😉 Enjoy!

Moon Shots!

I am really having fun with my new camera SX30 IS 😉 After my Kuwait Towers pics, I aimed for the moon… check those pics out now

My New Toy!

I am having so much fun with my new toy – Canon SX30 IS – which is not a DSLR, but a high end advanced digital camera ❤

The ZOOM is zoombastic 😀

Check out Kuwait Towers shot here – This picture was taking without any zooming in

Zooming in a bit, I got this one

Nice no? But thats not it… check those Continue reading

Robot – Very Real Looking One!

Just saw this video on 3ateeja’s blog!



BlackPad – Rumor?

Is RIM really working on a “BlackPad” – an OS compatible 8.9″ display screens from Hon Hai.?

Apparently BBLeaks reported that few months back, but I just got an email with a link to AlAnba Newspaper about it dated back to August 13th 2010! Its supposed to be thinner and smaller than the iPad!