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Lost In Translation!

In episode 16 of Gossip Girl season IV, Chuck tells Lily in one of the scenes: Lily, once again… I’m sorry!

Caption translated Lily to (زنبق) The flower name in Arabic!

Blair’s new Minion does it again in that same episode (in translation)…. زنبق همفري

Even worse? When Serena tells her brother I will be right back!!! سأكون الظهير الأيمن

Much more on that episode! I just got those three for you! LOL


The Longest Breaking News!

Now this is funny!

Thanks Mais S. 😉

Top 5 Pick-up Lines According to Shitsawii


Glad Shitsawii is back to vlogging 😉 We missed you dude!!!

GIZIA – Store in Dubai Mall

Now that’s a funny name for a store…. specially when its for ladies evening gowns 😉

Now how to explain this? Well, its kinda lost in translation!
GIZIA in Kuwaiti dialect means….  well, I cannot find one word to describe it other than a woman with bad taste or so! 😛 A tacky woman maybe? 😛

Concentration Game!

Do not concentrate TOO hard please – You may not be able to handle it 😛 Yes I gave you a warning LOL – Poor guy!!


Lost in Translation – Mr. Grosvenor House

H.G. sent me (stole for me) his friend’s DP on BBM about Grosvenor House sign in Dubai… Its translation in Arabic reads: “Mr. Grosvenor House” – Why “Mr.” LOL!!!!

VolksWagen Commercial: The Force

Just saw this ad on 4th Ring and wanted to share it with you 😉


Yeah… Uh Huh! Sure!!


Democracy According to Al Gaddafi


Thanks Abdul A. 😉


Toilet seat at IKEA “For Display Only”!!! I am thinking who would in their right mind use it? and in PUBLIC? LOL