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Mango – New Flavor at Pinkberry

Looks like Pinkberry introduced a new flavor; Mango 😉

Anyone tried it???

Thanks Abdullah 😉

Breakfast and Brunch

I have been meaning to try this restaurant for a long time. I remember driving around the area (opposite The One store in Marina Mall) to look for it and giving up because I hated it there… many cafes – the kind I AVOID – and the atmosphere I hate…. so this time, Noufa and I decided to go again and we found it!

The place is TINY! Really tiny with four tables inside – two of which serve a maximum of three each, and the other two serves four persons each. A couple of tables out but that was about it..

On each table is a mini white board that reads “G.Morning Welcome to B&B Pls write us your order” with two markers

I was like MAN! What!!! But Thank God the waitress came to take our orders while Noufa K. took the board and Continue reading

BAKED @ 52 Degrees

I was invited by Ms Farah, the brain behind BAKED, to have a bite there and a quick chit-chat! I gladly accepted since I love her baked yummies (link)

The cafe is situated right there at the entrance… with a very upper-class-like European cafes atmosphere! (more pics on Danderma). Holding the one page menu in my hand reminded me of the cafes in Europe.. simple items that ranges from salads, sandwiches, desserts, and drinks of course! Loved it!

One sandwich grabbed my attention!!! Pomegranate Club sandwich! Made of Continue reading

The New Gelato Bonbons

Few days ago I posted an announcement that Gelato Italiano were offering bonbons with new flavors covered in white chocolate; rose, jasmine, and white pistachio! I quickly grabbed my phone and placed an order for one box to have it for our Friday family gathering!

We were all busy watching the Royal Wedding on TV, so THANK GOD for Mr. Delivery I got our yummies delivered for lunch that day 😉

I tried one piece of each… the rose

The white pistachio

And jasmine

Out of the three flavors I tried, I liked the jasmine one the most… followed by the rose, and then the pistachio! Nevertheless… they were all summery and refreshing!

I think Dalal was smart to have’em covered in white chocolate instead of her regular chocolate covered bonbons for a change! The white chocolate complimented those flavors really well! GOD job!!

Gelato Italiano is located on Ahmed AlJaber St in Sharq. Their tel is:22434434

Join their Page on Facebook (link)

Elevation Burger – Sneak Peek

I got the chance earlier yesterday to get a sneak peek of the soon to be opened burger joint; Elevation Burger.

I met Mr. Ali Ashkanani, a friend/ex-colleague and one of the owners, who gave me the grand tour of their restaurant. I tried my best to give you a Continue reading

Chocolateness – The Shop!

Last week I met with the fantabulous team behind Chocolatness… The team that has been spoiling me and surprising me many many times with my favorite chocolate molten cake in K-Town! This is coming from me… and I am not a chocolate cake person, but this cake is something else 😉

We had a very nice talk all of us in their soon to be opened shop in Burj Jassem… we talked about the project itself and more! You guys are amazing and you are doing an amazing job! Towards the end, and before I left I was given a box of yummies!!!

It contained four different flavors; my favorite flavor, chocolate of course and my second favorite (very close to the chocolate one) is peanut butter, cinnamon, and caramel… which I came to know that the latter is made with high quality ingredients (cost them the most to make)

I remember tasting it for the very first time in a car boot sale with Rakan saying “Try the best molten cake in Town ya Ansam”… thats when I turned my head, walked toward their mini oven at the time and got hooked to this devilish cake served with their signature wooden spoon! That first bite was an unforgettable moment!

They told me of how their story started… how they used to take the calls and delivering orders themselves!

Wishing you guys the best and waiting for your official opening of the shop!

For more check out and LIKE their Facebook Page (link)

Tel: 99906890 –  22960606. They now offer delivery service 9:00AM to 9:30PM daily 😀

Gelato Italiano Bonbons

For your Friday family or friends gathering, pick up your box of Gelato Bonbons filled with three exotic flavors in RoseJasmine and White Pistachio all covered in white chocolate.
Each box contains 30 pieces for KD9.
The Gelato Bonbons will be available on Friday only.
Opening hours is from 9am and closed during Prayers and reopen after prayers.
The quantity will be limited so hurry and pick up your box!Tel:22434434
Join our Page on Facebook (link)
I have been enjoying those bonbons since they were first introduced to me during one of FIVE60‘s events! We love them at home so much… we had them served in my sister’s wedding too (link)!
I am ordering a box for tomorrow’s gathering 😉

New @ Lofat

Lofat Group emailed me earlier today informing me about their new offers/competition/announcements 😉

Here goes the first news item… A new offer that is valid till May 5th 2011

Subsribe for 5 healthy meals per day for a month for KD179 instead of KD199 – Call 22250650 for more info

The other news item is about their Fridges in Coops… they are now selling their food in three more Coops making it available for us in the following spots: AlFaiha, AlDahiya, AlNuzha, AlMansouria, Kaifan, AlJabriya, and Mishef 😉

And the last but not the least is some sort of competition they have for kids between 6-16 years of age:

Interested in losing weight?
Want to do it for free?
If you are between 8-18 years and willing to share your story, send us a paragraph of 150 words on why you should be selected to win a one month FREE subscription with Lofat Juniors and get a chance to compete and win a trip to Disney Land Paris
For more, contact us on

I think they are great offers from Lofat 😉

For more you can LIKE their Facebook Page (link) and follow them on Twitter: @LofatGroup

Juice Factory

I saw this pic on my friend’s Eman mobile uploads album on Facebook and could not resist posting them on my blog for my readers!

Looks like its a new restaurant/cafe/juice stand in Baitak Tower (next to Starbucks) – She is eating cereal here

She will soon send me the menu, which I will send to KTPD and update you 😉

French Toast at Baskin Robbins

I love Baskin Robbins’ flavor of the month – French Toast!

I asked for a taste… but could not resist getting one… and for some reason I felt it should be in a cone!

It is SO GOOD! So good that it can be my breakfast for the next couple of days LOL! Come on!!! Its French Toast, so why not!! With those chunks of toast and syrup flavor! Oh YUMM!

Too bad I discovered it yesterday and we only have three days left for this flavor of the month! I loved red velvet flavor which was introduced earlier this year… Now let’s see what May is holding for us 😉