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Zero Degrees – Kuwait City

My friend Yousef tweeted me this pic

It looks like Zero Degrees will open its second branch in Kuwait City, opposite AlSeef Palace. So I contacted one of the owners and he confirmed that to me, they are not exhibiting at the exhibition 😉

All the best to them!

To read my review about them, click here!

For more you can check their facebook page (link) and follow them on Twitter @ZDYogurt

Thanks Yousef R. and Saud A. 😉 

William Chocolate Cake at Lenotre

I was at Lenotre yesterday around noon when I saw this cake

Its William Chocolate Cake they have been talking about on their Facebook (link) and Twitter (@MMCKuwait) for quite some time now…. only this one, which was on display is smaller in size 😉 I snatched it away 😛

Its made of chocolate and biscuits… now normally I wouldn’t go for chocolate cakes, but I was curious to try this one out

Its made of rich tea biscuits and dark chocolate -nice combo- perfect for chocolate (dark chocolate) lovers… Its rich and its delicious 😀 Biscuits and dark chocolate go well together 😉 Well done Lenotre… again and again 😉

The original William Chocolate Cake that they are selling is actually made of the recipe of Prince William’s favorite Chocolate Cake! His favorite since he was young & requested as his groom cake on his wedding

This is the regular 9″ cake, which is enough for up to 12 persons… and with a little golden crown on top 😉

Price tag? KD15 Now available at Lenotre

To order call 18o5050 Ext.28

Hala Ramadan – Pictures

I passed by Hala Ramadan with my sister Mimmi yesterday just an hour before the official opening of the event

The place was crowded and I was happy to see a large variety of stalls all over the place… I decided to Continue reading

Cheesy Chicken Royale

The very kind people at Burger King sent me four meals of their new product, the Cheesy Chicken Royal which will be launched today 😉

Four meals… as in Continue reading

P&T With Noon

Noon is one my favorite breakfast buddies… an early bird, who do not mind waking up really early to have breakfast out as early as 6:30AM sometimes… before going to work! Just like me 😉

We decided to drop by Prime & Toast for breakfast a couple of days ago… a place we both LOVE so much 😉

Anyways… we both wanted to try something new! Noon opted for a turkey and cheese omelette with apple juice

She is a BIG Ricotta Pancake lover at P&T (link) but I guess she was in the mood for a change! She loved her egg so much! She said it was so good and that it exceeded her expectations 😉

My order? Mulberry Eggs, sunny side ups of course… I only asked them to make two eggs instead of three… but when my dish arrived I was like hmmm! I am not sure if I had this one before – so much for trying something new –

Loved it as usual! Loved everything about it actually! The eggs were made nicely (ideally I like crunchier edges)! The egg yolks were liquid-y just the way I like’em… cherry tomatoes with thyme added a yummy (and aromatic) touch to the dish! Hmmm it was one yummy breakfast… IF it wasn’t for my coffee! I dont know what is it with me and black coffee these days! No one seems to make’em right anymore! It  tasted burnt :S Sorry P&T but I hated it 😦 Thank God for Fiji Water 😛

It was one nice outing… Noon is just fun to be around with 🙂 She always have some interesting stories to tell and I enjoy her company ❤

Our bill came to a total of KD7-8 (forgot the exact amount)

Prime & Toast has two locations. We went to the one opposite AlSeef Palace. Their other branch is located in AlArgan in AlBeda’a.

Elevation Burger – The BURGER

Sorry it took me a while to update you with Elevation Burger review since my first post about it!

Anyways I went in again to have a taste of it 😉 I got in and again I was greeted by the very smiley Continue reading

Souq Albuzooriyah – Syria

On my second day in Damascus (last February) I had the grand tour with a local! My friend Sandra was going out of town and she arranged a day trip for me in Old Damascus alleyways with her driver… He is actually from Old Damascus… he knows the alleyways really well – lucky me to have someone like Sandra who arranged for it all AND for Mohammed, my amazing tour guide for taking the time to take me to this tour in the old city – I had a great time that day!

He picked me up from the hotel! We headed to Old Damascus, parked the car outside The Khan (click here, here, and here for a full review of The Khan), and we walked around in the alleys!

We started of with Souk Albuzooriyah (سوق البزورية) – a famous historical market located to the south of Umayyad Mosque. The souq is consisted of different vendors selling all kinds of spices, herbs, herbal medications, handmade soaps, dried fruit, candies, coffees, and much much more!

During my two weeks stay I have visited this market numerous times snapping different pictures each time I go

So it is basically a post FULL of pictures… and as the saying goes; “A picture is worth a thousand words” so let me take you into a Continue reading

Life With Cacao – May Highlight

I was invited to Life With Cacao Highlight – a new initiative taken by the company in an effort to give back to the community as a social corporate responsibility act! They are basically Continue reading

MORE – Dubai

While in Dubai last March/April we stopped by MORE cafe in Dubai Mall

This is how  they greeted you! A menu with iced cold water garnished with a lemon slice and fresh mint leaves! It was just perfect… because we walked from our hotel to the mall and it was a bit humid/hot!

Anyways… the place was crowded! Its an open area restaurant in the lower ground level of the mall with lots of things going around!

By lots things going around I meant the Continue reading

Spotted: The Sandwich Shop

I was at Dar AlAwadi a couple of days ago and passed by the newly opened store The Sandwich Shop!

The owner, who is also someone I Continue reading