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Nuclear in the GCC

My friend sent me an invitation to join the facebook group: SAY NO TO NUCLEAR IN THE GCC!

I checked out the group info and they say: “Nuclear power programs are being seriously considered by Gulf oil exporting countries, to meet demand for electricity and desalination. It is seen as a long term solution to high fuel costs and a way to reduce carbon emissions.

The United Arab Emirates hopes to have it first nuclear power plant up and running by 2015, with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia expected to follow suit.

Introducing nuclear energy into the Gulf is like selling it sand. Other than extensive oil reserves, the region boasts enviable sustainable and safe options for energy such as solar power and wind.

Nuclear power carries an unacceptable risk. The environmental, social, security and proliferation problems that have always plagued the nuclear industry continue to do so, despite over half a century of attempts to find solutions.

Why you should say NO to nuclear in the Gulf and elsewhere:

– Nuclear power has not suddenly become safer or cleaner. It creates tens of thousands of tons of lethal nuclear waste, which lasts hundreds of thousands of years. The legacy of the nuclear waste remains unsolved, with dangerously high levels of waste currently being accumulated in temporary above-ground storage facilities. A storage or operational failure in a nuclear plant could lead to a catastrophic release of radioactivity. There is NO guarantee that a Chernobyl-scale accident will not happen again.

– Nuclear power provides the basic ingredients for nuclear weapons, dirty bombs and provides an obvious target for terrorists. The safety of our society as well as our children’s is compromised by the the existence and expansion of the nuclear nightmare.

– Nuclear energy is an expensive diversion from achieving a low carbon future, only capable of saving a fractional amount of GHG in a prolonged amount of time. We can reduce carbon emissions much more effectively by focusing our resources in using renewable energies and promoting energy efficiency. Indeed, there is no energy shortage in this world. More energy falls on the Earth each day than its 5.9 billion inhabitants would use in 27 years.

The risks of renewable energy are real, long-lasting and unnecessary. Do you really want this in the Gulf?”

Read more on Arabian Business: Kuwait set to sign nuclear cooperation with France

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350 Pictures

Few days back I posted about 350 Climate Action Day (click here & here for more info).. The event was successful! The feedback we got was good! People were interested to know what was going on, why we’re walking… some even joined in with us! The event was covered by the media! Overall… a week (or less) worth of preparation was so worth it 🙂 Alvaro!! You did great 😉

Now let me share various pictures I have taken during that day with you! Enjoy 😉



Mr. Mijbil AlMutawa of The Scientific Center giving his speech! He also gave the attendees free entrance to the center next week! Wohooooo!






And guess who showed up too???? Continue reading

Let’s 350!


Be there, carpool with your family/friends, and wear sunscreen! I hope I get to see you 🙂

To read more, click here!


Don’t miss it, one planet, one chance..

On October 24, the International Day of Climate Action will cover almost every country on earth, the most widespread day of environmental action in the planet’s history.


Qvert has been organizing a walkathon to support the 350 climate action movement (for more info, click here)

How can you get involve??? Its easy!

350 - KW

If you wish to attend, please click on “RSVP this event”

DATE: Saturday, October 24th, 2009!

TIME: 11am-1pm @ the Scientific Center starting 10am.

PLACE: SCIENTIFIC CENTER. A commencement speech will be given around 10:30am to discuss the issue and outline our objective throughout the walkathon).

DRESS CODE: Blue.. Anything Blue!

On that day, people will send in thousands of images of citizens gathering at important places around the world—from the melting glaciers of Mt. Everest to the sinking beaches of the Maldives—displaying the number 350 in a creative way. will be getting those pictures and putting them on the big screens in Times Square and projecting them at the UN headquarters. They‘ll also be getting them into newspapers large and small on October 25th—the same newspapers that politicians all over the world use as a barometer of public opinion.

But more importantly, we’ll be able to use them in the weeks before the huge UN Climate meeting in Copenhagen to remind our leaders that they need to take physical reality—and not political expediency—into account when they’re making decisions about our collective future.

Log on to later on for further information.

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White Alligator

My friend JTA went to Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in the States and snapped few photos of the world rarest reptile: the all-white albino alligator! I have taken her permission to share those pictures with you!

White Alligator 01

They have this Continue reading

Keep Kuwait Green!

Dana AlSalem, the creator of Keep Kuwait Green! Stop the Izala from cutting our trees!Facebook group, is working hard on raising awareness about this issue!

She goes…. “After the goverment came and removed our 35 year old Rubber trees without any warning, it made me realize that there are many other houses being effected.

People started calling about the same thing happening to them, and told me stories of horrible murder like incidents of the trees they once planted.

The mission of this group is to report and post pictures of all wrong doing by our goverment and the removal of trees. Please post the address of the places that you see them removing trees that were not used as a personal garden. If poosible post your pictures also.

We will be posting and sending the pictures to all newspapers and blogs and anyone willing to listen to us.
Some of the trees in Kuwait are a part of our history.

They have been here long before we have.
Let’s unite and try to keep Kuwait greener!”

Here are some pictures of their neighborhood 😦 Continue reading

The Fine City

The Fine City

Singapore is famous for being the cleanest city in the world. Tourists will be astonished and impressed by the strict rules and regulations formed by the Singapore government. There are many posters in buildings and parks telling people what they should do, what they shouldn’t do and how much they will be fined if they break the rules. That is the reason why Singapore is called Continue reading

Well Done Kuwait Scuba Team!

I love it when I read such news in Kuwait!

Kuwait Scientific Club (KSC) released Sunday at Umm Al-Maradim Island a giant turtle that was rescued at Sabiyyah power station by the Kuwaiti scuba diving team on July 5.

The 55-year-old turtle is 85 centimeter long, and was the seventh turtle rescued by KSC, said head of KSC’s scuba team and the marine ecosystem department Talal Al-Sarhan.

It was hard for the team to rescue the turtle which was trapped in one of the power tanks and for turbines to be shut, an official order must be issued, so scuba team used special techniques to deal with the operating turbines to save it, he said.

The turtle, which had wounds on its back and head, was treated by Dr. Salem Al-Hindi, who put it under a special treatment and diet two weeks ago after taking the blood samples needed, he added.

As for the location of which the turtle was released at, Al-Sarhan said that Umm Al-Maradim Island was the most suitable for the turtle.

Talal AlSarhan



I was checking Aurous’s blog and came across this interesting post about recycling!

If you are looking into being more green, here are some numbers for you to save (recycling contacts)

Najdu : +965 9943-9037

Al Arfaj Company: +965 9977-0361

Hani Omari: +965 9970-1215

The.Green.Target.Co. (Hotline): +965 9444 4927