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Bubble Forest

I was visiting my friend in his office yesterday discussing some business issues and whats not when I spotted this

I asked him “What is this?”.

He replied “Bubble Forest”

I said: “Can I open it?”

“Sure you can” he answered me

Lets take a Continue reading

Happy Earth Day

What will you do for Earth Day?

*image from Google Today*

Recycling a Bottle


I was wondering when is anyone ever gonna notice and pick it up to throw it! I would’ve done in in a heartbeat!!!

Thanks Mimmi 😉

Q8PD – New Design

Kuwait Paper Dump launched its new, minimal feature packed, design! I like 😉

For more… watch the video below 😉


Stop dumping paper! Start paper dumping!

For more info, check out 3baid’s post here!

The Avenues <3 Tarsheed

Samar AlBader snapped this picture while in The Avenues last night. The lights were dimmed a bit in a move to support conserving energy 🙂

Nice move! WTG 😀

Thanks Samar 😉


World Environment Day (WED) is a day that stimulates awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and public action. It is on June 5th, the day that UN Conference in the Human Environment began. As soon as I saw Buzberry’s post about it, I remembered when I worked in NBK (few years ago) when they gave all the employees bamboo plants 😉 It was such a nice gesture… so I asked them to email me a pic, and boy oh boy! The plant is green and with lots of leafs too. Its been well looked after I guess 😉

Thanks Ragheb 😉

Energy Saving Bulbs!

My friend sent me an email with lots of info about Energy Saving Bulbs!

The email gives warnings such as:

“These type of bulbs which are called Energy Saving or low Energy bulbs, if  broken, cause serious danger! So much so, that everybody MUST leave the room for at least 15 minutes.

Because it contains Mercury (poisonous) which cause migraine, disorientation, imbalances and different other health problems while inhalation.

And people with allergies, causes them severe skin condition and other diseases just by touching this substance or inhaling it.

Also the ministry warned about NOT cleaning the debris of the broken bulb with the vacuum cleaner, because it would spread the contamination to other rooms in the house while using the vacuum cleaner again.

It must be cleaned with a normal broom or brush and be kept in a sealed bag and thrown right away from the house in a bin for hazardous materials.”

I remember Mark posted about those bulbs before! As a matter of fact he got upset with my comments and called me paranoid + asked me to stop spreading my paranoia!! LOL!! I was just trying to tell everyone its dangerous!!

Well anyway…. given the info mentioned above about the energy saving bulbs, where do we take dead/expired bulbs to, so the mercury doesnt seep into the earth landfills?

Thanks Abdulla N.M. 😉

The Giveaway!

Interesting video!! What do you think?


Thanks Alfa + 😉

Global Warming is Uncool!

BUENOS AIRES – A 7-month-old baby survived alone for three days with a bullet wound in its chest beside the bodies of its parents and brother, who died in an apparent suicide pact brought on by the couple’s terror of global warming, the Argentine press said Saturday.


Recycle with Style!

I had a flat tire AGAIN yesterday, and really what do they do with those tires? Do they recycle them??  Or just throw them away? I am sure there are other uses to it! Like a swing in the backyard maybe? I have seen some in chalets here… Another way is turning it into piece of art! Check those pictures out!!

Though I really appreciate that kind of art, specially one that has to do with environment, I like them best when they’re inflated and safe to drive with 😉