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Naranj – Old Damascus

While roaming around Old Damascus, specially when my sister was busy with the delegation.. I tend to just randomly go into the alleyways! I never got lost, but always managed to discover new places and -ahem- restaurants! Not to mention the grand tour I had during my second day in Damascus!

Anyways… I passed by a restaurant called Naranj, which translates to (نارنج) – some sort of orange specie -bitter one- in Syria.

I entered the restaurants, it was still day time… I looked into their menu and took a couple of pictures

I know the place is kind of newly opened in Kuwait, so I really wanted to try this one in Syria and then the one in Kuwait so I can compare the two.. I marked it as a must visit at a later time when my other sisters and nephew join in from Kuwait

A couple of days later, after their Continue reading

Tea W/ Abu Shady At Nawfara Cafe

During my day tour with Mohammed (link) I spotted this sign of Nawfarah Cafe (مقهى النوفرة) – meaning The Fountain

I remember I read about it on the Internet… there is (still to-date) a “Hakawati” (حكواتي) storyteller that comes to this coffee shop at night named Abu Shady (أبو شادي)! I was determined to pass by the cafe during my stay!

I came at different times and asked the staff… they informed me that he comes around 5:00-5:30PM

The cafe is located behind the Continue reading

Bubble Forest

I was visiting my friend in his office yesterday discussing some business issues and whats not when I spotted this

I asked him “What is this?”.

He replied “Bubble Forest”

I said: “Can I open it?”

“Sure you can” he answered me

Lets take a Continue reading

The Pillow Case

Last week I got an invitation from The Pillow Case to attend their first furniture and home accessories exhibition at Regency next Sunday & Monday 😉

The furniture and accessories to be exhibited are designed and made by Continue reading


Kalemat…. an art exhibition taking place at 360 MALL Exhibition Hall

Mariam Al Shamlan and Dima Al Qreini create intricate art pieces from peculiar material such as ground coffee beans and ropes.

At this exhibition, you will find that each piece speaks for itself, creating a tone and mood for every person’s savor. Each of the young thriving Kuwaiti artists form their art pieces with an eye for detail and a love to art.

The exhibition opens its doors on Wednesday (today) 20th April 7.30PM- 10:00PM.

Then you are all welcome to join daily from 12:00PM to 10:00PM and from 4:00PM to 10:00PM on weekends 😉

The Desert Breeze

معرض نسائم الصحراء

Jaber AlFaisal and Hosam AlRushaid present their collection of artistic home accessories in The Desert Breeze Exhibition tonight at 7:00PM

And the exhibition will continue for April 19-20, 2011 9:00AM-1:00PM and 5:00PM to 9:00PM at Becarre Gallery in Salem AlMubarak St in Salmiya – Tel: 25757725

Pages I Like on Facebook

Aldazzah Bridal Arrangements!

Specialized in providing the right wedding gifts for the occasion and creating it’s perfect setting for the bride to be.

They customize everything and anything you wish for! Nothing is impossible when it comes to the creatives behind the idea; Latifa & Sara!

Their beautiful creations will add splendor to those special moments in life for you to remember and cherish

Aldazzah is part of our culture and those girls are making it even easier for you! Will update you once they have more pictures 😉

Facebook (link)

Tel: 965 55637353


Armani Hotel Dubai

In case you’re wondering, specially my non-tweet-followers, where I disappeared to this weekend!! Well, I went to Dubai with my favorite cousin and her daughters! It was a very short yet very eventful weekend! We were there on a mission, and the mission was accomplished 😉 Other than that… we enjoyed our time to the max and ran into so many family and friends in Dubai Mall!

We arrived Dubai on Thursday afternoon… the plane was kinda full, and the airport was crowded… we headed to our hotel, Armani Hotel Dubai. I have decided to make this my first review of this short trip… so lets go in, shall we 😉 ??

The hotel is situated in Burj Khalifa, which is so close by Dubai Mall! We got into the lobby and waited for our lifestyle manager to proceed with the check-in! We were four, so we got Continue reading

I’m Alive ;-)

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for asking 🙂 I’m fine… I’m still alive and working on moving to Well… let’s make a use of it… I had it for over a year so why wait more… right? 😉

I could not have done the technical work without the GREAT help of Casttro (link)!

So stay tuned… for a brand new blog designed by the creative team at Pink Coffee 😉

For now… you can follow my tweets (link)! I’m more active there these days anyways 😉

Stay tuned for updates!

The Khan – Part III – Syria (Last Part)

So this is the last part of my first post about The Khan! Yes, its not gonna be the last one for sure – I love this place ❤

So lets come in from Med’hat Pasha St.! The main entrance to The Khan 😉 Shall we?

This side is the Fashion Side 😉 (link)

It was originally a khan. Records from the Ottoman era identify it as the Continue reading