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Manners Made FUN at ACANTE

Acanthe brings to your kids the ULTIMATE summer experience.

This program will engage little girls & boys (ages 6-12) in fun activities covering topics that will help in develop their confirdence and character.

Call 25653496 or click here for more details 😉

Achante Website (link)

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Twitter: @acantheschool

The Proteges

The Protégés is a 6-week summer program for people between the age of 16 and 24. It is intended to improve social, practical, professional, and personal skills through fun activities, interactive discussions, and classes guided by talented mentors.

Here is a video of the first generation!



For more:

Official website (link)

Facebook (link)

Twitter (link)

Thanks Mounira 😉 & Pink Coffee!

The Proteges <3 Chef Adla AlSharhan

Few days back, the proteges visited Chef Adla AlSharhan’s Umami Culinary Consulting & School in Khaldiya.

They were divided into two teams; the Blue and Red teams! They started of with learning basic info about cooking, food, safety, and so

So each team must come up with a concept restaurant, work on a budget, create a menu, pick a location, do finances, and actually COOK food for a judging panel… Mentor Shamlan involved me in when I though I was there just to cover up the story… and boy oh boy, let me tell you this… THE STUDENTS WERE AMAZING!!! So lets see how it worked out… shall we?

Chef Adla AlSharhan was to mentor the student and help them in the overall cooking process, giving them suggestions and helping them out…

Here is Chef AlSharhan with Continue reading

The Proteges – A Taste of Music

I attended one of The Proteges lectures yesterday and had a BLAST! The lecture was about the art of music in general and the art of Kuwaiti music in specific. It was given by Dr. Abdulaziz AlAdwani, a verydear friend, brilliant doctor with a fabulous taste and love for music!

(photo stolen from P0ach :-P)

The lecture started with a brief speech by Dr. AlAdwani and a mini quiz to break the ice. Later on, a video clip about some music notes followed by brain activity responding to music and relaxation. I loved how the students were interacting and discussing the material! They seemed very into it!

Later on, a recorded video interview with Mr. Bader Boresly about music in Kuwait with some videos too were shown to the students! Followed by Sanaa AlKharraz speech, mainly talking about her experience and followed by Q&A with the proteges. Also, Mr. Ghannam AlDaigan was there for the same and so was a folklore band who played some music for the students and audience!

It was a very interesting lecture with great interactive students and audience.. Hats off 🙂 WTG to The Proteges!

For more info, check their website (Link) and join their Facebook group (link)

Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol

I was invited to attend a course for table manners in Acanthe School of Etiquette & Protocol last week. Too bad I was not able to attend the whole course… so I went in for the last day and boy oh boy! Wish I had made the time for it! It was very interesting 🙂

I was greeted by the receptionist and a nice warm apple cider 😉

The place was nicely decorated with Continue reading