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And The Countdown Begins….

The Competition will start soon on my new blog Ansam518 

Keep checking every now and then for new questions… I have prepared quite a few and I wish you all good luck 😀 Lets give a shout out to all of my AMAZING sponsors – I felt loved and overjoyed –

Here they are in alphabetical order

Bayan DentalFacebook@bayandentalkw – Tel:  23824000

The Burger HubFacebook @TheBurgerHub – Tel: 22464818

Chocolate & MacaroonFacebook Tel: 22997919 / 22597504 / 60062669

Dolce AnticoTel: 22650828

Enjoy! RestaurantFacebook – Tel: 25737573 / 25739573

F2o Faceboook @F2oDesigns  – Tel: 97866522

Gelato Italiano – Facebook – Tel: 22434434

KARKOOSHAFacebook@KARKOOSHA – Tel: 22251110

KlueFacebook @Kluekuwait– Tel: 99982286

KWTMobileContact – @Kwtmobile


Lofat Facebook @LofatGroupTel: 22250666

Little TreatsFacebook – Tel: 25757292

M’earmisha – Tel: 99189890

The ManhattanFacebook – @TheManhattanTel: 99573363

Nail ItFacebook @nailitspa – Tel: 22658869

NapketFacebook@napketKWTel: 22597754

Oleana BoutiqueFacebook@Oleana – Tel: 60606707

PANACHEOUS Facebook – @panacheous – Tel: 97745583

Pizzetta – Facebook @Pizzetta_ – Tel: 22458292 (Seif) / 22253310 (Spoons)

The Powder Room Salon – Facebook@ThePowder_Room – Tel: 22649646

SAMSUNG ALBABTAIN@babtaincsp – Tel: 22498135 – 22445341 – 22430761

Taw9eelFacebook@Taw9eel – Tel: 1821010

TONI & GUY AlCornicheFacebook – @TONIGUYkuwait  – Tel: 25663286 – 66178889

Victus FoodFacebook – @VictusFood – Tel: 180404

WALESS Carwash, Detailing, & Expert CleanersFacebook@Walesskw – Tel: 90010110

Zero DegreesFacebook – @ZDyogurt – Tel: 55540404

518 Competition

I am happy to announce that I will be moving to the new Ansam518 tomorrow 😉 and in celebration of the move and my birthday I am throwing a BIG competition with LOTS and LOTS of prizes from gadgets, to food/sweets, services, discounts and much more!

*You can use this is background if you like 😉 *

Later today, I will be announcing all my sponsors, my very generous sponsors 😀

For now I will leave you with the rules and regulations!

  1. First and most importantly, you have to be a resident of the State of Kuwait.
  2. I will be asking different questions without announcing the time of each question! It will be just random and easy questions that can -mostly- be navigated through my blog or by things you know about me or stuff I talked about on facebook (link) and Twitter @Ansam518
  3. Each participant can win ONE prize only. This means if you win a prize you cannot win another… its all about luck! There are different prizes but you can only win ONE per person 😛
  4. First correct answer will get the prize. If the question (sponsor) has more than one gift, then the second prize will go to the second correct answer and so on 😉
  5. When you answer the question you are to leave your real email address, that way when I contact you for the prize I can reach the right person.
  6. When contacted by email, provide me with your full name, address, and phone number – yes, we will be keeping a track of winners and their contact details to deliver the prizes – you have to respond within 48 hrs otherwise, you will be dismissed
  7. Your real name will be posted on my blog along with the prize you won
  8. Answers on my Twitter account wont be accepted – even if correct 😉 – You have to leave your answer as a comment on my blog post 😉
  9. Family… sorry, I cannot let you participate 😦 I know you understand 😉
  10. Same goes to you my sponsors, and your immediate family members, you are not eligible to win prizes of related sponsor questions…
  11. If you fail to follow those guidelines then the prize will go to the second runner up
Again…. The questions will be asked on my new blog ** ansam518  **
MUST leave your phone number with the comment left – I wont publish it, its just easier for me to get a hold of you 😀 
REMEMBER TO RESPOND WITHIN 48 HRS – otherwise you will be dismissed 😦
Until then, I wish you all good luck 😀 

Gelato Italiano: Popcorn

MVMJ asked in a post -in some sort of a game competition- her readers to guess the new flavor of the weekend and post the answers on their facebook page (link)… turned out it was POPCORN 😉 And of course… yours truly was one of the winners 😉 I kinda knew about it since we had them -Gelato Italiano Catering- for a special party last weekend at home

One of the special flavors was Popcorn – which is the first time I try from Gelato Italiano, and I am regular – I was like this MUST be it 😉 Anyways… it was so Continue reading

Blog37 Competition

It looks like Blog37 is preparing something BIG for an upcoming competition 😉

There will be valuable prizes but he is still working on forming the competition! If you have comments/suggestions drop by (link) and share your thoughts 😉

Snoop Dog Concert From Wataniya

Wataniya Social Media Team is proud to inform you that They have just launch yet ANOTHER contest on their Social Media Channels 😉


The Prize? Well well well…. 30 (YES THIRRT) concert tickets to give out, and they would like you to know about it.

It’s been launched on Facebook – for more, click here 😉

You can also follow them on Twitter: @WataniyaTelecom

Zain Unlimited at Marina Mall

Zain is having another eeZee Unlimited contest this weekend in Marina Mall.

Come, Play And win BlabckBerris and Ipad 2s for free. Just take a number and wait to win 😉

For more follow them on Twitter @ZainKuwait

Young Entrepreneur Competition 2011 – Dubai

Young Entrepreneur Competition 2011 was all over the place in Dubai Mall last weekend! Young people from all nationalities had stalls/booth all over the mall showcasing their talents and mini businesses!

It is always nice and refreshing to see young enthusiastic people 🙂 All the best! I wonder who won 😉

The only down side to it was that the mall was too crowded at some point, but it was there for only a weekend 😉

Check out their Facebook Group (link)

Sout Alsahara

The producer of the new upcoming show Sout Alsahara sent me an introductory email about the show, which is basically a singing competition show that will be aired on Al Shahed TV in April.


The registration door is now open for both males & females to apply.

More info here (link)

Thanks AlJawhara 😉

We <3 Ruquaya AlQatami

Here comes another KRAFT Philadelphia Competition I urge you to check out again (first one here).

Bibi AlQatami, the granddaughter of Ms. Ruquaya AlQatami sent me an email earlier last week and I wanted to share and spread awareness about the issue!

Philadelphia Arabia is having a competition for the most inspiring woman in the Middle East and her grandmother was picked as one of the three finalist 😉 (link)

The grand prize will be for her organization, Hayat Cancer Foundation, which helps in funding and providing free chemotherapy for adults and children as well as helping them in their medical expenses.

We need all the votes we can get! And she deserves this win because she’s truly a remarkable women who has always put other’s needs and priorities before hers. A true inspiration to us all!!

I believe in this so much – as a matter of fact, I helped selling some raffle tickets for previous GulfRun events for this foundation! Anything for a good cause, right 😉

Spread love… Spread awareness 🙂

Food Maestros – Last Day Today ;-)

Today is Food Maestros last day 😉 If you haven’t gone yet, it is your last chance to go to it today… (check my post about the event here)

There will be a cooking demo at around 5:30PM from Executive Chef Giulio Brignola from Carluccio’s Italian Restaurant

Competition “Can You Cook?” will commence at around 6:00PM

It will be in the same place, Arraya Plaza (the outdoor area between the mall and the parking lot) 😉

Here is a video of the Chef cooking creamy Italian mushroom risotto