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The Chronicles of Dathra by Dandemra

I’m so excited that Danderma finally took the first step into publishing her “Yawmyat Wa7da Dathra“. I really wanna see them turn into Ramadani TV Series for their originality (and funny story telling) unlike the @$#%$@ we usually see in some series (with all due respect)!

Anyways… she is asking on here blog about picking a day for the book signing (link)

She is thinking at around 7:00PM on: Thursday night, Friday Night, or Wednesday Night.

What do you guys think?

Here is a picture of the first copy taken by Jacqui 😉

The Conference of the Bird

A while back at the Baking Tray Cafe, I ran into one of my friends, Mohammed S. and as we were talking and catching up, he asked me if I heard about The Conference of the Birds book for Farah K. Behbehani (منطق الطير لفرح بهبهاني).

According to Amazon, the book is written in the Continue reading

The Sandwich Swap Now Available at Oleana Boutique

Few months back, I posted about Queen Rania’s interview on The View, during which, she talked about her book; The Sandwich Swap!

Good news everyone! The book is now available at Oleana Boutique for KD7.000 😉

“Her Majesty,Queen Rania’s children’s book is inspired by her own experience. As written by Kelly Dipuchio, it is a warm-hearted and gently humorous fable about two girls who become aware of their subtle cultural differences, only to have their friendship strengthened as a result. Her Majesty travels the world promoting children’s causes as well as cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. ”

The book is available in both Arabic and English


New Book Release: هذه اخرتك

I was contacted by Mr. Faisal AlJassim, a writer in AlWatan Newspaper, about his new book that is coming out tomorrow in Mishref Fairgrounds – Hall #6. Please find the details below 😉

سيتم اصدار اول راوية كويتية تتحدث عن الحياة الابدية للانسان بعد الممات ، جريئة ومثيره للجدل ، كما انها اول راوية تحصل على توقيع للمشاهير قبل طرحها بالاسواق ،
الرواية ستتوافر بمعرض الكتاب الدولي – الكويت من تاريخ 13-10-2010 ولمدة عشرة ايام  بصالة رقم 6 جناح 57 بدار بلاتينيوم بوك بجوار كوستا كوفي
الرواية بعنوان ( هذه اخرتك ) من تأليف الصحافي والاعلامي فيصل وليد الجاسم
ومن ابرز المشاهير الذين وقعوا على الرواية
الفنان مشاري البلام
نجمة الشباب والبنات شجون الهاجري ( شوجي )
نجم الشباب الاول ( حمد العماني)
الاعلامية زينة كرم


A book called – Your Beauty & Health! SERIOUSLY?

Deja Vu?

Check at time 1:27 😛


Thanks Bodoor S.O. 😉

A Column Named The World We Live In – By Ali M.

I love my blog.. I really do. I get to meet a lot of interesting people, awesome fans, and of course some do smother me with mouthwatering goodies and yummies and whats not – not to mention all the pampering I get from spas and salons! I really do reject lots of offers for that I feel my credibility is on edge if I had to review everything I get asked to do. Sometimes I dont even have time (but I thank you all very very much). I also tend to ignore email contacts who address me with “Sir” or call my by another bloggers name (telemarketers mostly)… or those who want me to go on their website or facebook group and ask me to grab pictures from there and write whatever I want! No, thats not how I do it! Anyways… Back to the title of this post! Well… this time I was lucky enough to get a signed book. The book is called “A Column Named The Wolrd We Live In” By Ali M.

How nice to get a book!  Well, I actually got it quite some time back -Like JUNE back- but didnt get the chance to read it till lately! The book is very interesting with a hint of comedy here and there. The writer himself is a man of numbers (business) as well as a man of words (literature) who takes you with his novel back to the beginning of the third millennium and all the way forward to the not so distant future of 2014.

Thank You Ali M. 😉

For more info check out his website (Link), join his Facebook page (link), follow him on twitter (link), or check out his blog (link)

Queen Rania on The View

Seems like an interesting book, The Sandwich Swap By Queen Rania AlAbdullah.


Thanks Mimmi 😉

Kinokuniya – Dubai Mall

One of the “good spots” to stop at while in Dubai Mall is Kinokuniya Book Store 😉

The place is HUGE! Its awesome!

My Dishes

My cousin came by last night with a cook book -My Dishes- by Muneera Abdulaziz Al-Ibraheem!

My Dishes Cover

I looked through it and I must admit that it was all about simple clear recipes that are easy to follow! I mean the girl is only in her early 20s! I admire that 😉

The book is divided into Continue reading