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Blogs I Like

Or should I say Vlog 😉

Why do I like it? Its different and its fun to watch! She vlogs (post videos) short clips edited in the most funky ways ever… you wont get bored, and you see yourself jumping from one video to another. I am telling you this lady her got charisma and she is full of smiles… I got to meet her for the very first time during the VIVA Social Networking Event… and I was happy to know that she knows my blog She was like “five eight? five one eight?? is it? The one with so many food posts” Yep! That’s me… Guilty 😛 She’s a natural and a sweetheart!

Check out Nouf TV (link)

Follow her on Twitter: @noufalmudhayan

YouTube (link)

Facebook (link)

Blogs I like

I have been following Kandee Johnson on YouTube (link) for a while now (thanks to Mimmi ;-)) and loving her work with regards to hair/makeup/beauty tips! Then I found her on Facebook and became a member of her fan page (link) – soon after I clicked the “Like” button I saw so many from my friends’ list do the same (gotta love facebook)! Anyways….. the lady is not only gorgeous inside out, but also CREATIVE! She’s an artist! I have followed many of her videos and the results were outstanding! They are easy to follow – honestly! Below are some videos from her YouTube channel and pictures I got from Continue reading

Blogs I Like

A very dear reader asked me to check Little Bird Tell blog a while back. My take on it? Its trendy, young, and fresh 😉 The young lady posts about random topics, pretty interesting ones… such as this video of a young boy telling the differences between Arabic and English stories – Adroable!

Little Bird Tell also posts about fashion trends, interesting accessories that I want to get my hands on, fashion/pieces must haves, and many runway shows! I can tell her and I share similar interest… I loved her recreate post! It reminded me of our recreated dining table at home!

Drop a visit at the Little Bird Tell! Its just TOO CUTE! (link)

Thank You Confashions!

This isn’t the first time I get a fashion tip from Confashions from Kuwait, I dont remember all of the times I checked her blog for something and rushed to the mall to get whatever items she posted about, but she recently posted about a ruffled cardigan that was available in H&M and I too, like her, snatched one of their racks for myself 😉

Another dress that I remember seeing on her blog and buying was this Malene Birger dress *in blue color*

And I still wear it after more than two years since I bought it – cuz I LOVE IT! (link).

Thank you Confashions – Keep’em coming!


Looks like Confashions also got a tip from me! Hahaha gotta love the bloggersphere 😉

I’m On of Sarah’s Favorites ;-)

They very sweet Sarah AlMukaimi wrote in her column that I am one of the four blogs she checks daily in AlSeyasa Newspaper (link)

I am honored 😉 The three other blogs she checks are Confashions, P0ach, & 248am

Confashion also posted about her “True Blog Lovin

Thank you Sarah 😉

Blogs I Like

Why (or should I say “Laish”)?

Its just different! A new blog on the block with so many good “Laish” (why) questions! Even better? The post themselves are short and to the point! Their questions are also in accordance with current events or related to them, such as the post about Why Love Maradona – which is related to the World Cup… or questioning the iPhone4 madness!!!  Even simple questions from everyday life events or memories (link).

Very interesting blog! I am loving it 😉

Check it out here (link)

Blogs I Like


The blog is useful! Their posts goes from random words to etiquette… from city names and proverbs to myths and expressions, all with definition, origin, pronunciation, and examples (da*oos: gotta love this one here)! Their aim is to reach and explain the meaning behind Kuwaiti dialects and words to both Kuwaitis and expats, and they are doing an amazing job!


Follow them on Twitter (link)

Blogs I Like


Well simply because I never get bored there! I mean the posts are short, interesting, informative,  and with visual aid!! I visit it almost daily. Now I do not leave much comments.. but I do take lots of notes! I like the things they post about, from gadgets to general info on food! I love it! I see things like this bag, and I think I want it… I note it down in my endless wish list from this blog (I will blame you if I go bankrupt!!). I also pass by Al Hamra Tower on my way to work and take random pictures here and there waiting for it to finish… specially after I saw the end result!

I seriously can go on and on about the things I saw and liked…. and noted down!!!

Awesome blog… Or just how they put it “Our blog is a bookmark to the web’s cream of the crop, from the most noteworthy sites, to news and reviews on the latest and greatest.”

True that, Chapeau Bas! Well done Tidbit Du Jour 😉

Kuwait Paper Dump Survey

Kuwait Paper Dump – KTPD is running a survey and would like to know what you think of their website (click here).

Your cooperation will be highly appreciated 😉


Blogs I like


Shes well aware of what she talks about! She answers comments and gives suggestions! She gives tips and use others as live examples. She talks about hot spots too! She also share some links of interesting websites that others may like! Add to that the different announcements she post about with regards to Art, Fashion/Style, Events, and Opening. I also like the fact that her post are not so wordy but so rich in info – the use of words is just so unique and inviting 😉

A very stylish fashion junkie – Gotta love Confashions!