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Cooking Challenge

I dont know why I haven’t post about this yet! It happened towards the end of last summer…..

My friend Alfa+ tried this Pear Cake at Barista Cafe while he was in Dubai

He asked me to try it out next time I go to Dubai, specifically in Mall of Emirates! And so I did 😀 Here is the cake I ordered

Pretty good cake! I loved it… now why did he want me to try it? He wanted me (actually challenged me) to create my own version at Continue reading

Coffee With Yasmine at Bazaar

I had a very fun interview with Yasmine from Bazaar Magazine earlier yesterday! We talked about many things… food, life, travel, cooking, work, and again food! It was so much fun 😉

Hopefully the interview will be out in May issue 😉 So stay tuned

Oh and the coffee she served me was super! A mixture of Turkish, French, and “je ne sais quoi”! LOVED it! I wanna pass by again Yasmine for another cup soon 😉

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Salep – a la Ansam518

A couple of weeks back, I posted this Salep (sa7lab – سحلب) recipe on my Facebook Group, Ansam’s Kitchen

Makes up to 8 cups (small coffee cups)

*4 Cups of Milk
*4 Tbs Cornstarch
*4 Tbs Sugar
*1 Tsp Cardamom
*2 Tbs Rosewater
*4 Pcs Grounded Mastic (optional)
*2 Tsp Vanilla (optional)
*Cinnamon, Grounded Pistachio, and Sliced Almonds for Granish

*Heat 3 cups of milk, add sugar, mastic, and cardamom – stir
*On the side, mix the cornstarch with the remaining cup of milk (cold) well
*When the milk on the stove start heating up (before boiling), add the milk and cornstarch mix to it – stir in well
*Keep stirring slowly and non stop till it starts boiling – lower the heat and keep stirring. You will feel the texture getting thicker (around 2-3 mins)
*Take it off the stove and pour it into your cups. Let it stand for about 20-30 seconds before you sprinkle it with shredded almonds, ground pistachio, and cinnamon
*Serve it hot/warm

Enjoy 😉

For more recipes, you can check out Ansam’s Kitchen Group (link)

Peanut Butter Truffles

I was watching this video on YouTube when I decided to make my own version of Peanut Butter Truffles 😉


*2/3 cup natural peanut butter – if you get the commercial one, beat it till it becomes soft like in the video
*1/3 cup powdered sugar
*3/4 Semi sweet dark chocolate chips
*Crushed peanuts

*Mix peanut butter and sugar in a bowl until evenly combined into a dough – not too firm and not too cakey –
*Roll it into small peanut butter balls
* Refrigerate for about 20-30 minutes
*Melt the chocolate chips in a steam bath, mix it around with a spoon when it starts to melt
*Let it melt off the flame when half way melted
*Drop the peanut butter balls into the chocolate, roll’em around, pull it out of there, and set it on a plate – make sure its fully coated
*Sprinkle it with crushed peanuts
*Let it set in room temperature or better refrigerate for about another 20-30 minutes



Do you “Like” my Recipe?

I have submitted my recipe to VIVA’s Facebook “Share Your Recipe& Win” challenge. So I need your support – BIG time 😉

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The more “Like”s I get, the bigger the chance that I win 😉 So… what are you waiting for? “Like” it NOW!

For the original recipe, click here and here!

The Most Popular Recipe @ Ansam’s Kitchen

The Monte Cristo (click here & here) is, by far, the most popular recipe on Ansam’s Kitchen! Below is a collection of pictures from friends, member of the group, and people I know who tried the recipe, snapped a picture, and sent it to me 😉 I know… I know, I posted some of them before, but I will do it again and again!

1. Dalal‘s version

2. Abeer & Nabyl

3. Zoza’s (of Chocopolis)

4. Mahaleet

5. Monica

6. Maha

Fresh Mozzarella Salad

So this is another SIMPLE salad recipe for you from Ansam’s Kitchen! I got inspired to do (actually -kinda- copy) this salad after I tried the sample one from Obika!


  • 6 Cherry tomatoes, halved

  • 2 Fresh buffalo mozzarella balls

  • Handfull of fresh basil leaves

  • Olive oil

As for the preparation, I think you guessed it right 😛 A bed of basil leaves, topped up with mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and finally drizzled with olive oil!

Voila 😉

It is also posted on my Facebook Group – Ansam’s Kitchen, along with other recipes 😉

I know I know… I can hardly call this one a recipe, but it is… plus I am a bit sick, so that should count… right?

Monte Cristo at Home

I have been sick at home for the past couple of days, I spent all day (literally) in bed! I woke up and people were complaining about the weather (dust or rain or both???)! I was so out of it really, but anyways the cooking mood kicked in… and since I was craving Monte Cristo for quite some time, I went ahead and made me a sandwich 😉

Great! I have all ingredients! And now with the Continue reading

Seven Layers Salad


  • Medium size cabbage, shredded
  • Medium size red cabbage, shredded
  • 1 Cup sour cream
  • 1 Large can corn
  • Around 2 cups grilled chicken strips (for vegetarians, use black beans)
  • 1 Cup Guacamole
  • Nachos, crushed


In a Pyrex, layer the ingredients as follows:

1. Cabbage

2. Red Cabbage

3. Sour Cream

4. Corn

5. Grilled Chicken

6. Guacamole

7. Nachos… here it is, Seven -YUMMY- Layers Salad from Ansam’s Kitchen

Bon Appetit

Can You Guess The Sandwich?

Can you guess the sandwich I had for breakfast yesterday? Well…. here you go with the Continue reading