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Crocs Safety Scrutinized


360 Art Piece – Accident?

You know this 360 Mall orange flowers art piece?

Well, my friend was there earlier this week and she saw the staff cleaning what looked like broken glass from this art piece! I hope the damage is minimal!

Thanks Alaa T. ūüėČ


No-No to kids sitting on their parents laps (driver’s seat – or front seats in general)


Thanks Lateefa K. ūüėČ

iPad Accident! OUCH!

I was at Prime & Toast last weekend with my cousins…. and I saw a friend of mine, so I went to say “Hello”! As I reached her, and after like 15-20 seconds I hear this sound BOOM! I look back and there it was, an iPad on the floor! I GASPED!¬†I know it wasnt me! I was way to far from it when it fell… But I just went to his table and quickly picked it up and handed it to a young man with a very “ouchy” look on his face!

Ansam: Did I do that?

Him: Dont worry its ok… seriously

Ansam: I wanna pay for it?

Him: No no… its working, no worries

Ansam: Please turn it on and show me its working

His Friend: Dont worry, its not the first time… his iPad fell on the stairs before and its still operating just fine

Ansam: Please turn it on

He turned it on and showed me it was just fine! I go back to my seat which is like less than 5 meters away but felt like a loooooooooong walk with looks of fire from people around – Ouch! I didnt do it, I swear… I was scared that it could be me and I was confused. I reach my seat and my cousin tell me why did I do that? It fell after I reached my friend, I wasnt even close to it when it fell!

I felt better! So please… I know its working just fine, I swear I didnt cause the fall! I just did what I did out of¬†courtesy¬†and it was a react after the¬†fired¬†looks I got! OUCH OUCH OUCH!