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Funny Sign at Royal Hayat Hospital

I spotted another “Funny Sign” while visiting a friend at Royal Hayat Hospital Now skip that lecture of telling me that sign is not funny and its important! I KNOW I KNOW! I just find the execution of it so … Continue reading

Funny Sign in Bahrain

One of my readers, Murtadha, sent me this picture of the sign that I find so funny (not that it is not important or anything, it just look so funny to me). Its in Bahrain (link) Thanks Murtadha 😉 To … Continue reading

Funny Sign – Not So Funny :-P

I spotted this sign at GIC – Very elegant when compared to the funny ones I (and others) spotted elsewhere (here, here, here, and here) Whadya think?

Funny Sign at Wataniya

Another picture of the funny sign I posted about from all over – I think I am gonna start a collection here 😉 This time it was snapped in Wataniya‘s parking lot 😉 I know… I know… dont get started … Continue reading

The Funny Sign in England

A reader, I Love Q8, sent me a picture of the same sign I thought was funny (link) all the way from England 😉 I know its important and for safety issues… but that does not make it less funny … Continue reading

The Funny Sign in Dubai

Remember when I posted about the funny sign few days back? Well, I found one in Dubai too! I still think -although necessary- it is funny too!

Funny Sign!

I have no idea if I have ever posted about this before (cuz I did on facebook) but I find this sign really funny!! Its a sign showing the “Emergency Assembly Point” and every time I see it, I imagine … Continue reading

Funny Sign!

Thanks N-Logic 😉

Funny or Silly?

Thanks Nia 😉

The Chronicles of Dathra by Dandemra

I’m so excited that Danderma finally took the first step into publishing her “Yawmyat Wa7da Dathra“. I really wanna see them turn into Ramadani TV Series for their originality (and funny story telling) unlike the @$#%$@ we usually see in … Continue reading