Naranj – Old Damascus

While roaming around Old Damascus, specially when my sister was busy with the delegation.. I tend to just randomly go into the alleyways! I never got lost, but always managed to discover new places and -ahem- restaurants! Not to mention the grand tour I had during my second day in Damascus!

Anyways… I passed by a restaurant called Naranj, which translates to (نارنج) – some sort of orange specie -bitter one- in Syria.

I entered the restaurants, it was still day time… I looked into their menu and took a couple of pictures

I know the place is kind of newly opened in Kuwait, so I really wanted to try this one in Syria and then the one in Kuwait so I can compare the two.. I marked it as a must visit at a later time when my other sisters and nephew join in from Kuwait

A couple of days later, after their arrival, we passed by again… this time to have lunch 😉

While browsing the menus, we were given raw almonds on ice with spiced bread triangles and two dipping sauces; a spicy one and an olive one! LOVED the almonds

The place was crowded! I loved the atmosphere and the classical fountain (بحرة) in the middle that you find in almost all Syrian restaurants. The colors chosen are very calm and relaxing…. the high ceiling gave it a spacious feeling although it was very crowded

It was very inviting…. and the staff were very welcoming and full of smiles! They helped us with the menu, suggesting items and talking to us in general!

We did the usual when in Lebanese and Syrian restaurants… Focus on the appetizers and get a couple of main courses to share!

This one is called Yalanji (يالنجي)… Stuffed vine leaves, which I did not like 😦

Fattouch Salad (فتوش)- Superb! Loved everything about it, the fresh veggies, the dressing, the crispy bread…. it was perfect 😉

Garlic mashed potatoes… I did not like nor hate that dish! It was just okay I guess, nothing special about it! I would of loved it more if the mashed potatoes were creamier in texture maybe!!

Raw meat with spices and walnuts (لحمة نية)… it was different than the ones I am used to, nevertheless I did not mind the experience. It taste really well if you scoop in a bit of everything on the plate in one bite 😉

Those Cheese Arayes were FABULOUS (عرايس بالجبنة) – forgot what they’re called – yes, they have a special name!!! I loved everything about them! I’m craving some right now as I’m typing this post! Its like an Arabian style cheeseburger LOL!!

Chicken Liver (سودة) with pomegranate molases! Amazing! Loved the dish as a whole! The tangy sauce was made really well

And my favorite dish at the restaurant was Fattet Dawoud Pasha (فتة داود باشا)! I have never tried anything like it! It is basically the classical Dawoud Pasha, which is meatballs cooked in tomato sauce… only this dish is with Fatteh; which is pieces of flat Arabic bread and yogurt based sauce! Delicious!

And a dish of mixed grills (مشاوي)… L0ved the kebabs the most! They seem to make good grill kebabs in all Syrian restaurants 😉

The bread serving was a bit slow, but it was fresh out of the oven and the smell of it was such a tease! Oh how I wish I dined there more than once and how I am praying that the branch in Kuwait is as good as the one in Syria *sigh*

When we asked for the check, they brought in a BIG tray of Arabic sweets and another tray of fresh fruit – complimentary 😉

And here is my nephew, well… his hands! He wanted to be in the picture 😛

And another one without his hands 😛

All in all, this was one of the best restaurants in Damascus! I loved their food and their service and I highly recommend the place 😉

Let me see if I can describe the location… for that I was almost on my feet the whole time while in Syria…. when you enter Med’hat Pasha St. (شارع مدحت باشا) keep going straight, the street name will change to Straight St. (شارع المستقيم). When you reach The Roman Arch turn left and Naranj will be to the left side

This is their exact address and contact details 😉

Straight Street, Damascus, Syria. Tel # +963 11 541 3444

10 responses to “Naranj – Old Damascus

  1. In my opinion, the one in Kuwait is great as well! They have amazing food 🙂 Try it out hopefully you’ll agree!

  2. Everything looks pretty much the same as their branch in Kuwait. 3awafi 😀

  3. Lovely pictures!
    Where excatly is this in kuwait? seems like a must visit place!

  4. Ive tried the one in kuwait, went to it with my family… it is exactly the same way as the one u posted same appetizers the almonds and side dishes even the dessert at the end… the food anyhow was mostly good liked some of it and other dishes i had better elsewhere… but the one thing i didn’t like was that there service wasn’t good at all, we had appetizers coming late after main dishes and sometimes we had to tell 3 waiters to have something brought to us… My sister posted about in her blog… BTW the seating area outside is amazing for winter weather… 🙂

  5. they have a very bad service in the branch here in Kuwait .. we had to wait for the check for 30 minutes ! and we asked for it twice, then we just got up and walked to the guy at the door and asked him : are we eating for free today ? cuz we asked for the check twice and no one brought it
    reaction ? cold as ice and they didn’t even apologise .. loved the food but i’m never going back there again

  6. expatozziegal

    I was also recommended Naranj in Damascus., so of course we went to try it out. Unfortunately we didn’t share the same experience. The food was ordinary, the service just ok, and to finish it off, we all got sick. However I’m pleased that you had an enjoyable experience.

  7. Naranj is terrible

    I’ve been to the branch here in Kuwait and I must say, it’s not all that. As a matter of fact, it was terrible: Both food and service. Never going there again.

  8. Delicious post, will probably try the one in Kuwait. By the way Naranja literally means orange in Spanish (the fruit and the color). Weird that a Syrian restaurant has a name from Spanish origins.

  9. i tried it…it sucked…nasty food..nasty service..oh and if ur gonna go anyway, PLEASE dont use the valet service…i swear to god they abuse their customers cars i saw that with my own eyes

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