Shark Whale at Marina Cresent

It looks like another shark whale got trapped into Marina Crescent a couple of days ago – May 12th to be exact 😉

My sister and her friend snapped those pictures while there

Something must be done to avoid such incidents 😦

5 responses to “Shark Whale at Marina Cresent

  1. thats so scary!!

  2. I think you mean “Whale Shark”, which is one of the largest sharks in the world. It’s a migratory shark that’s usually found closer to land, so I’m not surprised. It’s a very friendly shark, not predatory at all. So, no worries 🙂
    I really hope they didn’t hurt it!

  3. poor thing 😦 I heard kids were throwing things at him that’s so cruel :((

  4. whale shark is absolutely feeds on plankton

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