PechaKucha at Beit AlSadu

Earlier this week, Noura AlHajeri, a Proteges graduate and now a friend, asked me to send her all the pictures I have taken from last year’s The Proteges – Generation I. She was preparing a PechaKucha presentation for her class at Beit AlSadu and invited me to pass by (I kinda invited myself too)

Nine girls/students were presenting that day… I liked the idea how their instructor, Ms. AlTurkait, arranged for it! She had her laptop connected to a projector in the middle of the house… with dimmed lightening and nice chairs setting! She also prepared a refreshment table with water and fresh juices! Everything was calm and nice….  In shorts, the atmosphere was relaxing and inviting, the presentations and topics were really cool and personal! Some nice pictures were shared by everyone.

First presenter was a young new mother, Marwa Hayat, who talked about her experience with motherhood and what she went through at her age!

Then my girl, Noura… she talked about the Proteges program that she attended last year and enjoyed so much! She brought back so much memories

I really believe in this program and in what they accomplished! I am proud of them and I cant wait to meet Generation II (You can still apply here)

Thirs presenter was Dalal AlZafiri. She an artist and she talked about her experiences and achievements! Such a refreshing topic to see someone as active as her at this young age. Check her out on Facebook here!

Then came Hessa AlShebib! A fun presentation about her trip to the US when she was 17! How she enjoyed that trip so much; sky diving, tubing in the lake, and ski ranching!

Bibi AlAslawi talked about her life as a twin and how much her and her twin can be alike and totally different at the same time! She talked about how they used to dress alike as babies but their mom stopped that to let them develop their personalities! They do dress differently but they drive the exact same cars with same colors too LOL!

Anwar AlQuraishi talked about her Conceptual Photography! She really proved that a picture can say a thousand words! LOVED her photos! She was very charismatic. Here is her Flickr (SadFeeling) and Facebook (Daisy Anwar)

Both Fajer AlRabee’ah and Wad’ha AlFahad talked about their trips to India.. they both went to India but each presented her trip in her own style! Fajer went with a large group and they seemed to have so much fun! She captured amazing pictures while there. She talked about how they crashed two weddings there, and took picture with Sharoukhan 😉 Wad’ha went with her mom and an Indian friend and talked about many things in Jaipur and loved Taj Mahal! She raised an important point of how friendly the animals were when it comes to approaching humans.. they are treated really well and with extra care!

Lulwa AlOtaibi talked about h0w beauty is perceived in different regions and parts of the world! It was amazing… She started her presentation saying that Beauty is really in the eye of the beholder! She shared amazing pictures of women from different countries!

All in all, I enjoyed it so much! I was there to support Noura, wait for her presentation and leave.. but when I got there I decided to stay and wait till the end!

Thank you for having me 😉 Oh and their professor, Ms. AlTurkait, said she reads my blog from time to time and she read about my London and Syria trips! I think I have an added value when some nice people like herself tell me that they read my blog 😀 I am honored!

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  1. My wife’s idea 😀

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