Napket Exclusive Dish

Napket (one of my favorite spots in K-Town obviously) is delighted to announce to its fans the premiere of the limited edition “Burger Épicé” in celebration of the National Hamburger Month this May…. Yes my month too 😉 And I love burgers 😀

Well…  Burger Épicé stands for spicy burger in French.  This flavorfl gourmet burger is served with high grade beef patty cooked to perfection, served with crispy onions, cheddar cheese, and special épicé sauce, all embraced with the special rustic bun.

This burger dish is exclusively offered at Napket starting today and for a limited time only during the month of May.

Can’t wait to try it out 😉

Napket is located in The Avenues – Phase II – 1st floor and their Tel # is 22597754

Facebook Group (link)

Twitter @NapketKW

2 responses to “Napket Exclusive Dish

  1. بغيت أسأل

    اللحم ذبح الكويت ولا لأ ؟

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