I passed by LAZURD with my friend Amna S. a couple of weeks ago and was in love with the store… the display, the staff! I mean everything was nicely presented and the staff members although busy with customers, they were all smiles…

They invited me to come back again at a less crowded time to be able to pictures freely and taste as many items as much as I want. So we went back again, and this time the chef was there to greet us šŸ˜‰

At first we were greeted with a mini cup of some sort of a blueberry shot drinks šŸ˜‰

Then we took the tour inside the store… which is really small, but very nicely arranged… The chef was around to explain each of the items on display with the fabulous Myriam… So lets take the virtual tour inside the store now, shall we?

The store is decorated with shelves all over the places with different sizes to view different items they are offering at LAZURD both for decoration and food items. There are TV screens fitted into those shelves in between with black & white classical Arabic songs.

Here are a lot of salties andĀ Florentines mixes on the shelves…. some wafers with chocolates, candles, vases….

Their candles

In the middle there was a center table with some more items on display…Ā Some vases in different styles, sizes, and shapes for retail

Napkins… the material was super soft


MoreĀ Florentines

As you can see from the pictures I kept snapping away! I just could not have enough.. I wanted to capture the icy white clear atmosphere with all the nicely presented items on shelves! It was so beautiful

Here is more of their yummy and individually wrappedĀ Florentines; white chocolate and dried fruit, za’atar, pistachio with mint, chocolate pistachio, dark chocolate with almond, peanut butter and digestive! Interesting mixes!

Here are mixed salted crackers/biscuits in a very nice tray box that open like drawers!

And that was all on the left side… to the right side they had their canapes and fridges with their extra elegant mini yummies and coffee sweets ā¤

These are what they call their sushi stuffed vine leaves… as you can see they come in with different toppings; asparagus, pomegranate, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, carrot wrap, eggplant wrap! VERY YUMMY! I tried a couple of those and they were DIVINE!

Mini Quiches! I am not a fan of quiche but I cannot resist them in this size! They were total delight šŸ˜‰ They come with goat cheese, vegetables, roasted vegetables withĀ ParmesanĀ cheese! I had the goat cheese one šŸ˜‰

Extra cute tarts! They are tiny! TINY tiny šŸ˜‰ Those below were baby mozzarella, sun dried tomatoes, and chicken lemon

Both Amna and I were having fun taking pictures and sampling their yummies! We were loving it… every minute of it

Oh and here are the cold stuffed kibbeh! I had the one with labneh and it was a KILLER! I can have five of those easily as appetizers LOL

The other two were chicken musakhan and red cabbage

And the mini sandwiches… I tried the roast beef and tahini one and the makdoos (eggplant)! The roast beef can be eaten in one or two bites… actually all those sandwiches! I am not a big fan of eggplants but Myriam insisted that I try the makdoos… glad I did, it was tangy in a very nice way! I loved it… Amna thinks it should be made in a larger size… MUCH larger size LOL

Oh and check those out! Cone Sandwiches! This one is Mozzarella

The other two were of BBQ chicken with sesame andĀ veggies! Dont you love the presentation! How elegant they look? I did not try those

Ohhhh and those were the Macarre! They look like Macaroons but they are not! The shell is tougher and chewier! I loved it… I really fell in love with it!
The flavors shown here are rose, praline, cardamom, blueberry, saffron, and mint… all of which contained za’atar!

I tried three flavors; rose, saffron, and cardamom! I seriously loved them all…. and thinking of getting us some for breakfast gathering! I could not help but think how well they’d go with chai lattes ā¤

And cheesecake with brownies… they were a bit on the heavy size! Good think they came in small size

Thats how they look from the inside – cheese cake on top of a brownie

More coffee sweets… I was not able to eat anymore at this point so I just snapped pictures for my readers because I loved how everything looked and how they were nicely presented….

Red Velvet (I tried at a previous visit) and carrot

GourmetĀ French Pastry – Almont Passion and Peanut

Coffee Sweets

And a nice cup of bitter coffee to go with all what we tried šŸ˜‰

Special BIG thanks to Ms Myriam šŸ˜‰

Lazurd is located in Arraya Shopping Center – the upper floor M2 – and their Tel # is 22997736

Official Website:Ā

You can also check B&D review here!

2 responses to “LAZRUD

  1. Its my number one choice when I have gatherings over. Delicious and light.

  2. I looove their rolls!!!

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