The “6” Replaces The “T”

My mom’s cousin posted this photo on Facebook yesterday and it got me wondering… when and why did we start to replace the T with 6 (حرف الطاء)?

Boston = بوسطن

Washington = واشنطن

Tom Ford = طوم فورد

Toni = طوني


9 responses to “The “6” Replaces The “T”

  1. good poin6 .

  2. It was like this as long as i remember …. although i don’t think it’s right! the “T” should be “ت”

  3. Ansaaam !! LOOOOL khaleehom its fun … imwanseena they makes us smile :p

  4. Actually whenever I see such words translate I wonder why dot they use ت instead of ط it’s much more closer to the real prounciation

    توم فورد or طوم فود

    Besides it helps avoid the funny puzzled faces of any foreigner when u pronounce the word:p

  5. enty 3ndch mshklaa wya alktaabaa ;p

    b3d maay9eer nktb


  6. hmm I think because English letters aren’t 100% mapped to Arabic letters.
    maybe the first dude who translated it did it like it and got stock :p

    If we look at it ت or ط doesn’t make different because in English you could say they are the same.

    That is what I think :p

  7. i think its by arab christians specially in lebanon say that cause they have the names in arabic like 6ONY not tony and els

  8. You are wondering why they translated t as a ط

    But i am wondering and very sad why do these trades marks start opening thier first branches in Dubai !!! And Kuwait becomes thier last choice

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